Supremely Searching

Hard to find much support for the school district in the case of Savana Redding. This case was argued in front of the Supreme Court on April 21st. It involves the strip search of a 13-year-old girl, on the tip that she was handing out prescription ibuprofen.

Dahlia Lithwick notes that it looks like the Court will side with the school district:

Steve Verdon concurs:

Tom Maguire hopes that the hard questioning means a ruling for Redding:

John Cole gives us the common sense take:

What will Breyer do? A very intelligent and charming man, but between his deference to business interests and deference to petty-dictator state officials also a Clinton-era liberal in the worst sense (and indeed, in Clinton’s defense there is substantial evidence that even he was very reluctant to appoint him.)”

From the wayback machine: Ed Morrissey says Redding should and will win this case, 9-0:

Finally, Radley Balko, outraged as everyone else, notes what others have been noting as well: it is quite creepy to read old men discussing young people’s private parts:

UPDATE: James Joyner on the 8-1 decision for the girl.


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