You Dropped The Bomb On Me

Jon Stewart’s interview with Cliff May here, here and here.

Allah Pundit calls Stewart “the face of mindless anti-torture absolutism.”

Both Allah Pundit and Michael Goldfarb point to Stewart calling Harry Truman a war criminal.

Goldfarb also says:

“Serious people have debated Truman’s decision for 60 years, but even those who disagree with that decision rarely describe it as “criminal.” And if it was criminal, whatever crimes the left alleges of President Bush seem pretty trivial in comparison.”

Julian Sanchez argues with Goldfarb:

“I realize it’s probably not a position taken often at the offices of the Weekly Standard, but the suggestion that the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were war crimes is not, in fact, crazy or rare.  A Japanese legal review concluded as much two decades after the fact, Albert Einstein claimed before the fact (in a letter to Roosevelt) that the use of an atomic bomb would be a war crime, and indeed, the Wikipedia article devoted to the debate serious people have been having for 60 years contains a lengthy section titled “the bombings as war crimes.” To the extent it’s a controversial claim, it’s controversial because we don’t like calling U.S. presidents war criminals, not because it’s a difficult question whether obliterating entire areas inhabited by large civilian populations with the flimsiest of military targets as a pretext should now be regarded as a war crime.”

Comments on Sanchez’s fisking of Goldfarb from Will at the Gentlemen and from Matt Y.

John Schwenkler notes the whole thing with a whole bunch of links and gives us two old posts from himself. One of those old posts has an old post from Ross Douthat. This post argues that the myth of nobility of our actions makes us excuse the present and this post excerpts a woman who was at Hiroshima.

Stewart later apologized for calling Truman a war criminal.

This was noted by both Allah Pundit and Goldfarb. This circle goes round again!

Any more posts on the subject? Let me know.

UPDATE: Cliff May at The Corner has more thoughts on his encounter with Stewart.

UPDATE #2: Schwenkler has more.

UPDATE #3: Sullivan.

UPDATE #4: We were waiting for Larison to weigh in.

UPDATE #5: More from Larison.

UPDATE #6: Via LGF, video from Pajamas Media.

UPDATE #7: Two posts from Powerline on the subject, both from Scott. See here and here.

UPDATE #8: Will has another post up.

UPDATE #9: Sanchez has another post up, as well.

UPDATE #10: Another Gentlemen, Mark Thompson.

UPDATE #11: From Reason, we have an article by David Harsanyi.

UPDATE #12: Jonah Goldberg at The Corner. Ramesh Ponnuru at the same.


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