Blogosphere Pays Tribute To Jack Kemp

Several posts at The Corner:

Cesar Conda

Cliff May

Rick Brookhiser

The statement from the Heritage Foundation President Edwin Feulner.

Bruce Bartlett has his thoughts in Forbes.

Over at Townhall, Matt Lewis also pays tribute. Patrick Ruffini at The Next Right also shares:

“What made Kemp different is that he had an original idea of what conservatism could be. The post-Reagan period leading up to the Contract with America was a period of intellectual ferment for the movement. Kemp led the way in advancing a conservative idea that could appeal to non-traditional Republicans, with enterprise zones and school choice lifting more of the poor into the middle class. It was compassionate conservatism — but actually conservative.”

Karen Tumulty at Time has a post up at Swampland.

The left also shared their thoughts. Both Matt Y. and Digby focus on his views of race relations, while discounting his views on economics and taxes. John Judis at The New Republic offers a personal reflection of Kemp.

Find more tributes? Put ’em in the comments.

UPDATE: There a lot of tributes. I’m sure I won’t be able to find them all. Here’s two more, Peter Wehner at Commentary and Joe Klein at Swampland.


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