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Senate votes to block funds for Gitmo closure.

Prior to this, we’ve got Dday on Harry Reid and Gitmo:

I can’t wait for the day Obama reverses hiimself and keeps Guantanamo open. The pundits will praise him endlessly for his wise centrism. And he might as well, considering the restoration of military commissions with the same flaws as before, including continued use of evidence obtained from HEARSAY – think about the implications of allowing evidence in an American-sponsored court based on anonymous whispers. Nobody wanted a change of venue from Guantanamo because they didn’t like the name. It was about the sad legacy of the policies practiced there.

Jennifer Rubin in Commentary:

Given the Panetta v. Pelosi face-off last week and the Guantanamo flap this week, it seems national security has become a nettlesome issue for Democrats. And naturally when things go wrong the temptation is great to blame someone else. For now, however, Republicans aren’t in power and can’t be readily blamed. So the long knives come out for those in their own party. The first goal of any politician is survival, and if that means attacking others in one’s party, well that’s a small price to pay when the chips are down.

Glenn Greenwald

Michelle Malkin, linking to Victor Davis Hanson at The Corner. Hanson:

And I guess as well that the good old days of supposedly flushed Korans in Guantánamo and Omar the poor liberationist renditioned to Cairo are over. We are now in the age of a sober and judicious President Obama who circumspectly, if reluctantly and in anguish at the high cost, does what is necessary to keep us safe.

And we won’t see a brave young liberal senator, Obama-like, barnstorming the Iowa precincts blasting a presidency for trampling our values with the shame of Guantánamo, wiretaps, intercepts, renditions, military tribunals, Predators, Iraq, etc. That motif just dissolved — or rather, it never really existed.

Allah Pundit

Kelley Vlahos at TAC:

Which is exactly what Republicans did to cow Obama and his weak sister Democrats on the Hill this week — by repeating the word “terrorist” at every chance regarding the Gitmo detainees, even when they know it doesn’t legally apply to even half of them. We know at this point that out of the 240 detainees currently on the island, 60 were cleared of any wrongdoing by the last administration and are just languishing there in a sort of limbo and 80 others have yet to be tried in whatever court the administration finally settles on. According to Sec. Def. Bob Gates, that leaves 50 to 100, who cannot be charged with terrorism but won’t be released because they are supposedly too much of a risk. That leaves how many convicted “terrorists”? Three.

JL Wall

UPDATE: Two posts from Alex Knapp, here and here.

UPDATE #2: Another Malkin post.

Jennifer Rubin in Commentary, again.

Joe Klein in the Swampland.

And Digby watches Hardball.

UPDATE #3: Two posts from Steve Benen. Here and here.

Jon Stewart

Arthur Herman in Commentary



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