Liberal And Conservative Bloggers Head To Their Tree Forts, Arm The Pea Shooters, And Fire

Spankie_No Homers

To sift through all the responses to the Obama/Cheney speech-off today is impossible. Everyone’s got their post up. And nobody on the left liked Cheney. Nobody on the right liked Obama. This was a surprising outcome. You might as well go to TNR’s The Plank for the left and NRO’s The Corner for the right.

The Left


Jason Zengerle

Michael Crowley

Jonathan Chait

Outside TNR:

Andrew Sullivan comes back from vacation to give his thoughts on Obama and Cheney

Glenn Greenwald


John Cole

Steve Benen

Dave Weigel

Spencer Ackerman

Joe Klein in Swampland

Dave Noon

BlueTexan at Firedoglake

The Right

There’s a ton of posts at NRO. Just a few:

Dana Perino

Michael Rubin

Jay Nordlinger

Peter Kirsanow

More Nordlinger

Outside NRO:

John Podhoretz in Commentary

Abe Greenwald in Commentary

Jennifer Rubin in Commentary

Michelle Malkin

Allah Pundit on Obama

Allah Pundit on Cheney

Bill Kristol in The Weekly Standard

Michael Goldfarb in The Weekly Standard

Stephen Hayes in The Weekly Standard


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