Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


Should California be split up into several pieces?

Martin Hutchinson makes the argument, writing that it would be preferable to removing the referendum.

Free Exchange at the Economist:

Politically this may make sense, though the economics of such a messy divorce could get ugly. If California has community property rules, does that mean each part of the state gets half of the others’ assets?

Joe Weisenthal at Clusterstock:

This is a political scientist’s late night fantasy and doing this might actually solve some political problems, but in the end it wouldn’t work.

The first state to go would be Greater LA. You see, the Hollywood liberal types may love to support government spending and immigration, but the moment the entire burden fell on them to support the rest of the population they’d scream bloody murder. You know they would. And it’s probably a gloss-over to just say that the San Diego state would be solidly “conservative” just because there’s a lot of military and socially conservative Hispanics there. There’d be huge public support tensions over spending and government safety nets.

Professor Bainbridge:

The more serious objection would be the near impossibility of allocating water rights.
Even so, it’s at least as plausible an idea as the laughable hypothesis that the legislature can actually fix out budget problems.

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