The Wedding Will Be Live-Blogged.


Congratulations are in order: Peter Suderman and Megan McArdle are getting married.

The bride:

News does not stay secret for long in this new media world.  Not, I suppose that we were really planning to keep it a secret.  Peter and I are getting married.  At some point.  The date to be determined by the vicissitudes of the wedding-industrial complex.  Right now we have a ring, a fond hope not to spend the price of a luxury car on a six hour party, and a sort of dazed and happy look.

The groom on his bride’s post:

Very true! Indeed, I agree with this post more fully and happily than with any other post ever written in the entire history of the internet.

James Joyner:

Hearty congrats to the world’s tallest female econoblogger and Reason’s newest Koch fellow, who, I have it on good Twittority, are engaged to be married after dating slightly less than a year. Rumors that Peter was guilted into making an honest woman of Megan by Stacy McCain are completely unfounded.

UPDATE: Rod Dreher offers congrats.

UPDATE #2: Congrats from John Schwenkler

UPDATE #3: Suderman and McArdle were married over the weekend. NYT announcment

Tim Lee at McArdle’s place


Andrew Sullivan

James Joyner



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