The War Continues On All Sides

Pfc Bowe Bergdahl captured by the Taliban.

The Jawa Report:

Until Bowe Bergdahl’s captors are dead I will not rest. For those who speak of coming to some sort of agreement with the Taliban I would remind you of the kind of scum we are talking about.

I wasn’t planning on coming back to the blog for a few days in order to sort my personal affairs out after a prolonged vacation went very very bad. To be honest I was questioning whether or not I would come back at all.

But it’s as if I’ve been awakened from a slumber and I can’t recall why I ever went to sleep. This video reminds me why I began to blog in the first place. I want these Taliban dead. Killed. Annihilated.

I’m back, and I declare war on the Taliban.

Joseph Weber in the Washington Times:

Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, the U.S. soldier captured by the Taliban, is known as a born adventurer around his hometown of Ketchum, Idaho — a town made famous for its breathtaking wilderness and those drawn to its challenges.

“Bowe’s a pretty impressive young man,” said Sue Martin, Pcf. Bergdahl’s former employer at Zaney’s River Street Coffee House and a family spokeswoman. She spoke to The Washington Times America’s Morning News radio show on Monday morning. “You don’t miss him. He’s a strong presence, very interesting, very diverse — an adventurer. He’s a really great guy.”

The coffee shop, trimmed in yellow ribbons and posters, has become the unofficial home for friends and well-wishers of the Bergdahl family and is about 10 miles outside of Sun Valley and Ketchum, whose valley streams and nearby mountains attracted and inspired American novelist Ernest Hemingway.

Bill Roggio in TWS:

If you watch the complete Taliban propaganda video of the U.S. soldier captured in Afghanistan, you can see that the Taliban are extremely media savvy. They are closely following U.S. newspapers. The soldier was asked about American support for Afghan warlord General Dostum despite accusations he slaughtered thousands of captured Taliban fighters in 2001. That story was just breaking here as the soldier was being interviewed. The video shows other timely questions taken from current news.

I fully expect the captured soldier to be required to respond to Secretary Gates’ remarks in a future Taliban video. The soldier has already been forced to comment upon about US troop morale and the mission in Afghanistan. Secretary Gates just handed the Taliban the ideal follow-up question on a silver platter.

Jules Crittenden:

This remains an unusual case. Unclear what this kid was doing, what the intentions of his captors may be. The Taliban have shown significantly more interest in horsetrading than al Qaeda, which has been mainly interested in shock value. This captured soldier is of significantly higher value than the assorted aid workers captured before, and there is probably a fair amount of angling going on over who gets to keep him and what they’ll do with him. There is also the question of what kind of deal, if any, the United States might be willing to make, or allow to be made on its behalf by others.

Michelle Malkin questions:

Received from a USARPAC soldier this morning:

“Please don’t list my name– I am here in Afghanistan– I know the story and the accounts that he was drunk or that he was lagging behind on patrol are not true– this soldier planned this move for a long time. He walked off the post with a day’s supply of water and had written down before that he wanted to live in the mountains. He has violated the Code of Conduct in his 28 minute speech and he is an e[m]barrassment to everyone who has worn the uniform. He made it to two towns and was asking for water when the locals turned him over to the Taliban. That is really all I can say– since we are still looking for this soldier.”

P.J. Tobia:

Now, somebody close to the people searching for Bergdahl has repeated this assertion saying that the soldier left “a note behind that said he was going to the mountains to find himself. He took a journal and 4 or 5 knives with him.” My source tells me that Bergdahl arrived at a village and asked if anybody spoke English. That’s when he was captured.

My source tells me that there is no doubt Bergdahl deserted, which in a time of war is punishable by a court martial at the least, or even execution.

Spencer Ackerman:

This is so loathsome and repugnant I want to note this without comment. Peters needs to apologize to Pfc. Bergdahl’s family, and then, when, insh’allah, Bergdahl comes home safely, to Bergdahl’s face.

UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan

UPDATE #2: More Sullivan, checking up on the story.

UPDATE #3: More Sullivan

UPDATE #4: Peter Worthington at FrumForum



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