Peacocks And The Punk’d

NBC Peacock

Matthew Vadum at Big Government:

Apparently NBC “Dateline” producer Jane Stone or someone else who has access to her Blackberry has a problem with groups that oppose ACORN and with an ethnocultural minority.

When Stone received an email urging Congress to defund ACORN from Alex Rosenwald, director of media outreach for Americans for Limited Government, the following sentence came back to Rosenwald from Stone’s account: “Bite me, Jew Boy!”

The e-mail here

Michael Calderone at Politico:

NBC News president Steve Capus fired back at Americans for Limited Government Friday, after the conservative group published an email allegedly from NBC producer Jane Stone to its director of media outreach Alex Rosenwald, with one line: “Bite me Jew Boy.”

“I’m still in shock, and outraged that this reckless organization would go out with such a defamatory, irresponsible statement,” Capus told POLITICO. “We have done a complete email analysis, all of our IT, all of our records.”

Here’s what both sides agree on: Stone responded Thursday to a mass email from ALG.

But Stone’s response email—provided to POLITICO—did not have any anti-Semitic comment. In fact, it had just one line: “Take me off this list!”

“Somebody, on the other end, I’m assuming, took the return stamp from the email and then put in this hateful message,” Capus said. “I don’t know who did it. It’s outrageous to suspect that somebody from NBC News would do it.”

Capus said he contacted the group and asked them to rescind the press release that accompanied publication of the email. He said that ALG would not agree, and the instead responded with a “politically-fueled rant against NBC, and a completely irresponsible diatribe.”

Dan Riehl

Update 2: ALG pushes back, Ed Driscoll is also on it here:

Carter Clews, Director of Communications, Americans for Limited Government

We at Americans for Limited Government are saddened that instead of helping us to get to the bottom of the hateful email that was indeed sent from NBC’s server, and this can be verified, and was not tampered with, which can also be verified, that NBC President Steve Capus has instead chosen to circle the wagons and protect what is indefensible with hysterical, frantic accusations.

This email has left a digital footprint that is undeniable.  We did our due diligence.  We have confirmed that it indeed came from NBC’s server and Jane Stone’s email address.

As before, we renew our offer that we made to both Ms. Stone and NBC President Capus over the phone today to get to the bottom of who sent this email from Ms. Stone’s Blackberry email address.  That offer remains open, and we would like it very much if both Ms. Stone and NBC would issue an apology to both Americans for Limited Government, and Mr. Alex Rosenwald, who was the target of this hateful email.

The Jawa Report

Megan McArdle:

I have no idea what to think about the accusation that an NBC producer responded to a blast email from Americans for Limited Government by writing “Bite me, jew boy!”

It’s so bizarre that I simply can’t believe that an NBC producer did this.  But it’s also so bizarre that it’s not actually all that much more plausible that Americans for Limited Government made the thing up.  It’s not like they’re playing to the common stereotype that the television world is hostile to Jews.

ALG says they checked where the email comes from, in language that suggests they tracked it at the server level, not from the email headers.

The most likely explanation is that someone punk’d them.  But who?  And how?

UPDATE: Tim Mak at New Majority

Virgina Postrel

Julian Sanchez


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