This Is Just Like John Lennon Writing “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” Except That It’s Not


Amanda Terkel at Think Progress:

The California Assembly and Senate recently unanimously approved Assembly Bill 1176 to help the port of San Francisco with financing issues. But Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) has decided to veto the legislation, sending a letter to the state Assembly chastising them for focusing on “unnecessary bills.” The San Francisco Bay Guardian also notes a second, more direct, message hidden in Schwarzenegger’s missive — contained in the first letter of each line

The author of the Assembly Bill 1176 is Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, who recently shouted out “You lie!” to Schwarzenegger at a public event. Schwarzenegger’s office, however, is insisting that the letter’s coded message was just “a strange coincidence.” “When you do so many vetoes, that’s bound to happen,” said the governor’s spokesman.

Ace of Spades

Ed Morrissey:

Don’t see it? This site will clue you in. He has disgraced the office of governor of Kah-lee-for-nee-ah — unless, of course, it’s just an amazing koh-een-see-deens. Any math majors want to take a run at calculating the odds of this happening by pure chance?

A slight mitigating factor: He sent this to the guy who heckled him with “kiss my gay ass” when he stopped by the San Fran Democratic Party a few weeks ago, although incivility in the heat of the moment is one thing and incivility in the course of official state business something else. Ah well. His political career will be over soon anyway. Exit question: If he had figured out a way to add a few lines starting with s-h-o-l-e after his signature, this would have become downright impressive, wouldn’t it? And darned Terminator-y!

Alex Koppelman in Salon:

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a pretty creative guy, so it wouldn’t be too surprising for him to have found a creative way of getting back at a fellow politician who’d ticked him off. That seems to be what he did in a letter explaining his decision to veto a bill that the state legislature passed unanimously.

The bill, which was sponsored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, would have helped the port of San Francisco with financing issues. And it was relatively uncontroversial, as that unanimous vote showed. But Ammiano is controversial, and he recently got some headlines when, after Schwarzenegger dropped in to a Democratic fundraiser, he shouted “You lie!” at the governor, and then left the room telling the governor, “kiss my gay ass.”

Schwarzenegger sent the members of the state assembly a letter explaining his decision to veto the bill. Only thing is, as the San Francisco Bay Guardian’s Tim Redmond noticed, it didn’t really explain all that well why he’d veto the bill. But there did seem to be a very explicit sort of message contained in the letter, one visible only if you read the first letter of each line. Those letters — f, u, c, k and then in the second paragraph y, o, u — spell out “fuck you.”

After he put up a post explaining what he’d found, Redmond heard from Aaron McLear, a spokesman from Schwarzenegger, who commented, “what a strange coincidence.” Redmond believes McLear was being sarcastic, and maybe he was, but he also sent the Wall Street Journal a list of other, innocuous words that could be similarly spelled out in veto messages.


It’s like a veto, but with a half-cryptic message! Schwarzenegger’s office responds that this is just a “weird coincidence,” kind of like that time when foreign actor Arnold Schwarzenegger somehow became Governor of California. And yet! The bill he was rejecting in this letter was one dealing with financing for San Francisco ports, sponsored by San Francisco assemblyman Tommy Ammiano, who apparently shouted “kiss my gay ass” at the governor at an event earlier this month. Meanwhile, California is still broke.


UPDATE: James Joyner

Kevin Drum

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