Nobody Is Surprised That Nobody Is Surprised

Danny Hakim and Nicholas Confessore at New York Times:

Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo announced his candidacy for governor on Saturday, saying he was seeking not only to lead New York but to remake a state mired in political scandal and paralyzed by financial crisis.

In a direct confrontation with a Legislature controlled by his own party, Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, said he would pressure lawmakers this fall to state publicly whether they would embrace essential ethics changes, including disclosing their outside income, ceding control of redistricting to an independent panel and submitting to an outside ethics monitor.

Appearing in front of the former Manhattan courthouse named for Boss Tweed, the corrupt political boss of Tammany Hall, Mr. Cuomo told a crowd of supporters: “Unfortunately, Albany’s antics today could make Boss Tweed blush. Our message today is simple. Enough is enough.”

The approach underscores Mr. Cuomo’s determination to avoid the fate of the current governor, David A. Paterson, and the previous one, Eliot Spitzer, who both promised change but were quickly stymied by an obstinate Legislature, and later fell victim to their own scandals.

Huffington Post:

NAME: Andrew Mark Cuomo

BIRTH DATE – Dec. 6, 1957 (Age 52)

BIRTHPLACE – New York City.

RELIGION – Roman Catholic.

EDUCATION – Fordham University, 1979; Albany Law School, 1982.

EXPERIENCE – Managed father Mario Cuomo’s successful campaign for governor in 1982; special assistant to the governor, 1983; assistant district attorney in Manhattan, 1984; private law practice 1985-89; founded Housing Enterprise for the Less Privileged in 1986 and left his law practice in 1989 to run HELP full time; assistant secretary, federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1993-96; HUD secretary, 1997-Jan. 20, 2001; Island Capital Group real estate investment firm, vice president, 2004-05; New York attorney general, Jan. 1, 2007-present.

FAMILY – Divorced from Kerry Kennedy. Three daughters, including 15-year-old twins Cara and Mariah and 12-year-old Michaela. Companion is Food Network personality Sandra Lee.

Tom Diemer at Politics Daily:

In the 21-minute video carried by the Albany Times Union, Cuomo, a Democrat, sketched his campaign themes: a plan to freeze state worker salaries, streamline state government, clamp a 2 percent cap on property tax increases, and impose new ethics and disclosure rules on public officials.

Since Gov. David A. Paterson’s ethical issues made it virtually impossible for him to seek reelection — and the governor before him, Eliot Spitzer, was decked for consorting with a prostitute — Cuomo’s looming candidacy took on a sense of inevitability. His father, Mario Cuomo, was a three-term New York governor who was often viewed as a potential Democratic presidential candidate. He never took the plunge and lost in a bid for a fourth term as governor in 1994.

Joe Coscarelli at The Village Voice:

Wholly unsurprising breaking news from Cuomo Central: Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo officially announced his campaign to become governor of New York in the above video on his website early Saturday. It is embeddable, see!

The site also provides the full transcript (in .pdf form) of the announcement, which seems practical, as well as highlights, meaning the parts that the campaign is telling you (the media) are most important. The internet makes politics easy.

“As I hope you have seen, I don’t run from a problem. I run at it.” Truly a highlight.

Patrick Edaburn at Moderate Voice:

In one of the least surprising events of the year, New York AG Andrew Cuomo has announced he will accept his coronation as the next Governor of the Empire State.

Polls have shown Cuomo with about 70-80% of the Democratic primary vote and 60-70% of the general election vote. Of course polls are just a snapshot and things could change between now and November but I think that my chances of being the next Governor of New York are not much worse than the odds of the eventual GOP nominee.

Ravi Somaiya at Gawker

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