The O’Keefe Tapes: Part II

James O’Keefe at Big Government:

On April 27, 2010, I got a job with the United States Census Bureau in New Jersey. With a hidden camera, I caught four Census supervisors encouraging enumerators to falsify information on their time sheets. Over the course of two days of training, I was paid for four hours of work I never did. I was told to take a 70 minute lunch break, was given an hour of travel time to drive 10 minutes, and was told to leave work at 3:30pm. I resigned prior to doing any data collection but confronted Census supervisors who assured me, “no one is going to be auditing that that level,” and “nobody is going to be questioning it except for you.” Another Census supervisor only said he’d adjust my pay after I gave him a letter recanting my hours.

As to whether this is an “isolated incident” or if there are more Census videos showing more waste, fraud, and corruption, we’ll let you take a wild guess.

Andrew Breitbart at Big Journalism:

Today James O’Keefe and I had the privilege to go on ABC News’ Good Morning America to launch O’Keefe’s new set of undercover videos – the Census. While most of the feedback email of the contentious segment is running negative against George Stephanopoulos for emphasizing long debunked and retracted smears and for using the word “criminal” throughout the piece, what is missing is an acknowledgment of how courageous Stephanopoulos was to put O’Keefe and me on the air in the first place.

ABC NEWS and Stephanopoulos are not immune from partisan propaganda campaigns to ignore points of view that run counter to their already center-left mainstream media line. In fact, Stephanopoulos himself was the person who delayed the mainstream media’s report on the Clinton/Lewinsky story by stopping Bill Kristol in his tracks on ABC News’ This Week in January, 1998. He was also the political operative who internally attacked ABC News brass for booking former White House FBI agent and New York Times bestseller, Gary Aldrich. Twice Stephanopoulos tried to use his political skills to kill a story.

Today was different.

With foreknowledge of the Stephanopoulos’s treachery against his political ilk, Media Matters issued the following warning hours before our 7:30am appearance on Tuesday: “Memo to media: Do not trust Andrew Breitbart and James O’Keefe.” Because, by having us on, Stephanopoulos was defying his former key ally and Media Matters founder John Podesta’s wishes. Certainly, Stephanopoulos took the tack of the good partisan during the interview. But he allowed O’Keefe and me to refute his partisan talking points.

What conservatives want is a chance to tell their stories, not to ensure that those stories are always presented without criticism or skepticism. And by playing the skeptic and the critic, Stephanopoulos was allowed to do what he couldn’t do when he ran interference for his former boss, Bill Clinton: He launched the Census story.

Paul Chesser at The American Spectator:

After his sentencing in the Mary Landrieu phone caper case limited his travel to New Jersey, Big Government undercover video reporter James O’Keefe decided to see what the Census Bureau is up to in his home state. It looks like at least one region is looking the other way as employees falsify their time sheets.

Greg Pollowitz at National Review:

Get the popcorn, this is going to be good.

Brian Darling at Redstate:

Earlier today, James O’Keefe revealed his latest work of investigative journalism.  O’Keefe produced a whistle blowing video and blog post showing alleged government waste at the U.S. Census in New Jersey.  What do the members of Red State Nation think about this latest act of involuntary government transparency on the part of James O’Keefe?  I say three cheers to O’Keefe for exposing how my tax dollars are wasted by the federal government.

Allah Pundit:

I’m intrigued to see the viewer response to this one, not because it’s shocking but because it really isn’t: It could be that we’re so cynically inured to the inevitability of waste in government that census workers getting paid for work they didn’t do will be a big ol’ yawn.

There’s also a question, presumably to be resolved in the next vids in the series, of whether census supervisors were cutting them some slack on their time cards simply because they were trainees, with more rigorous auditing to come once they became full-fledged employees.


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