John McCain Is One Tough Questioner

Daniel Halper at The Weekly Standard:

Moments ago, Gen. Petraeus seems to have fallen ill during questioning from Sen. John McCain at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing. He was able to walk off on his own, but the hearing was recessed until further notice.

Michelle Malkin:

A scare this morning on Capitol Hill — Gen. David Petraeus passed out briefly while testifying at a Senate committee hearing. He reportedly had not had anything to drink or eat before taking the mic.

The Hill reports that he was able to walk out of the hearing room on his own accord.

WaPo: “Sen. Carl Levin, chairman of the committee, said Petraeus ‘appears to be doing very well.’”

Daniel Foster at The Corner:

Here’s the video, via Weekly Standard, of General Petraeus passing out during questioning from Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.). I’ll leave you to make your own joke about that one.

Jim Newell at Gawker:

It appears that John McCain’s endless droning was enough to make America’s most famous general, David Petraeus, ill during a Senate hearing on Afghanistan today. Petraeus briefly fainted, blaming it on dehydration. McCain’s expression is priceless! Is this guy soft?


Honestly, do you know much about David Petraeus, who is apparently kind of weird and un-killable?

Petraeus, who was treated for prostate cancer in 2009, is a marathon runner who is said to pride himself on his physical fitness. He survived a shot in the chest in 1991 when a soldier accidentally discharged his rifle.

As the general left the Capitol today, he told reporters that he will be back to testify tomorrow when the hearing resumes.

“I’ll eat breakfast tomorrow,” he said.

A breakfast of human hearts, he added, before looking up at the Sun and flying away.

Philip Klein at AmSpec


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