There’s A Need For Anger Management Out There

Mike Flynn at Big Government:

I’ve often noted that I expect this to be a long, hot summer. The mid-term elections are inching closer and Democrats are having to finally admit that they are in real political trouble. For those keeping score at home, let’s recap; the economy sucks, there are no new jobs, the stimulus failed, the government is bleeding money, ObamaCare is unpopular, the Feds have screwed up the gulf oil spill and we are facing potentially the biggest tax hike in history at the end of the year.

If they weren’t trying to seize control of huge swaths of the economy, I might almost feel sorry for Democrat Congressman having to face voters with such a “record.” They blindly followed the Democrat leadership and listened to the chattering class in DC who assured them everything would be okay; the progressive agenda was secretly popular with the public. Instead, I’ll enjoy video snippets like this, which shows another Democrat House member losing his temper in the face of public anger with their agenda. Recently, Rep. Ciro Rodriquez (D-TX) met with some local constituents about our nation’s current state of affairs. It did not go well.

John McCormack at The Weekly Standard:

When a constituent challenges Rodriguez’s numbers, the House Democrat yells and demands that the constituent be civil.  (Maybe Rodriguez was trying to be ironic?)

Jim Geraghty at NRO:

No headlocks, neck grabs, or hugs in this one, but he seems to get pretty steamed when he cites the CBO, and the constituent argues that the CBO is revising its assessment of the health care bill. A folded newspaper gets slammed on a table, and I don’t suppose he was swatting a fly.

This November, the incumbent Democrat will face Republican Francisco Canseco. In mid-June, a GOP poll put Canseco within three.


He’s not confident; he’s scared. He knows he blew it by voting for the bill, he doesn’t understand the bill he voted for, and when the approved talking points don’t work on constituents like they work on the captive press, he doesn’t know what to say. And as we lawyers know, when you’ve got nothing else, you pound on the table, as Rodriguez proceeds to do.

UPDATE: A reader emails: “I watched the video 2x and I can tell you that as a woman who used to be married to a physical abuser, I can detect a woman-abuser a mile away. I flinched for the woman that he approached with that paper in his hand – I thought he was going to smack her with the paper. And when he smacked the table, I had no doubt that he truly wanted to hit her.” Well, I don’t possess such intuitive powers, but he certainly looks like a jerk.

Dan Riehl

Ed Morrissey:

Furthermore, this looks like a premeditated outburst.  For a year, Democrats have offered one false set of numbers after another on ObamaCare, as exemplified yet again last week by the IRS admission that they don’t have the resources to enforce the insurance mandate — and Democrats’ admission that they don’t know what the IRS needs to do it.  Certainly Rodriguez would have known that constituents would challenge his numbers when meeting with them, especially if he planned on rationalizing his support on CBO projections for health-care spending without ObamaCare.  Slamming the newspaper down in front of the constituent looks like a planned bit of theater that Rodriguez intended to boost his testicular quotient among the base; it’s likely to backfire instead.

To Rodriguez’ point, though, perhaps he should recheck his numbers with the CBO before citing them as an authority.  They have already dismantled his argument that ObamaCare saves money over the long term.

If you’re in TX-23, Rodriguez’ district, there is hope.  Francisco Canseco will challenge the incumbent in November, so perhaps it’s time to get to know him.


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