Animal Rights



7/26/10: Geese-icide


12/10/10: Sorkin V. Palin: Carving Up The Caribou


6/9/10: Don’t Come Crying To Me, Mr. President, When A Probe Comes And Sucks Up Our Oceans


4/22/10: And He Walked His Days Under African Skies

Animals Abuse

4/20/10: Fido’s Bark Sounds Suspiciously Like “Activist Judges!”

8/14/09: Whoa Doggies!

Animals As Food

7/1/10: Not-So-Hot Tuna

8/1/09: You Are What You Eat And What You Are Is A Salad With Bacon Bits

7/9/09: Add Some Mushrooms, Some Carrots, A Bit Of Red Wine And Onion…

Animals As Pets

7/15/10: Big Brother And The Hamster Company


7/21/09: See My Vest, Made From Real Gorilla Chest


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