Women And Sports

8/17/10: Some Television Coverage Of Their Own?

Sex And Feminism

6/14/10: Caitlin Flanagan Writes An Article And You Know The Rest

Working Women

12/8/10: Walmart Woes

7/11/10: Turn Your Prayer Books To Section 342, Where We Sing Of Offices Of Inclusion

2/1/10: Ladies, Bring Your Samurai Swords

1/19/10: All The Honeys Who Makin’ Money


7/14/10: The Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani Case

4/15/10: You Already Know The Words To That Old Janis Joplin Song

12/22/09: A Not-So-Heartwarming Christmas Story

General Posts On Gender

1/4/11: “There’s Nothing In The Constitution About That.”

9/1/10: Fabio Is Not On The Cover Of This Blog Post

5/8/10: Just A Spray In Your Nose And You’ll Understand The Annoyance Of Pantyhose

4/8/10: Don’t Cry, Don’t Raise Your Eye, It’s Only Teenage Wasteland

1/7/10: Confusion Is Sex/Kill Yr Bookshelf

10/15/09: I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

8/17/09: Yet Again, We Plunge Into The Murky, Distant Waters Of The Sixties, Only To Find A Shattered Martini Glass And A Couple Lost Souls

7/3/09: The Macho Man East Nachos in His Pancho With The Head Honcho


Body image, clothing, etc..

6/9/10: There She Is, Miss Conservative…

3/29/10: Life Hands You Lemons, You Cast Tina Fey

10/16/09: “In The Future, Every Twitpic Will Be World-Famous For 15 Minutes.”

7/20/09: Personally, I Think Senators Should be Wearing Breeches And Powered Wigs

6/24/09: Burka Brouhaha, En Francais

Women In Politics

It takes thick skin and a pantsuit.

5/24/10: You Can Feel The Shards Raining Down From Another Glass Ceiling Being Broken

4/2/10: Strip Clubs Are Always In The News

11/17/09: The Obligatory Blog Post

8/25/09: If A Pantsuit Falls In The Forest And No Reporter Is Around To Hear It, Does It Make A Sound?

7/6/09: Elites Can Talk About Class, Gender, Meritocracy and Elitism, But Can They Tap Dance?

6/1/09: This Has Nothing To Do With Stereo Equipment

5/6/09: Okay, $200 on Kathleen Sullivan

Family And Feminism

It never gets more heated than this: what’s the proper role for woman in society? Can women have it all, or must they choose? And who makes the choice for them?

7/8/10: Dad At Home, Mom At Work, Mom At Home, Dad At Work… And The Kids Play Wii All Night Long

4/2/10: Strip Clubs Are Always In The News

12/26/09: A Court-Martial For Diaper Duty

11/5/09: Like It Or Not, David Brooks Remains The Columnist The Internets Blog About The Most

11/4/09: An Honor Killing In Arizona

8/31/09: Cohabitators, Homosexuals, And Fornicators, Oh My!

8/29/09: A Frozen Chicken Pot Pie Cost 19 Cents In Ohio in 1957 And If Prices Were Still Like That Today, We Would Still Be Having This Debate

6/18/09: To “I Do” Or Not To “I Do:” That Is The Question The Blogosphere Ponders

5/26/09: Happiness Is A Warm Gun, Or A Warm Oven, Or A Warm Executive Suite

4/27/09: It Was a Teenage Wedding and The Old Folks Wished Them Well

Famous Feminists

6/10/09: Angelina Steinem

4/26/09: Now Who Will Tell Rose To Shut Up


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