12/1/10: Piss Christ, Part II: Antz

Comics/Graphic Novels

2/10/11: Turn Off The Spiderman Musical

7/28/10: Captain America, Flag Or No Flag, Fights Fred Phelps

7/12/10: America Has A Little Less Splendor Today

6/7/10: Spidey Sense Knows No Color

2/12/10: Captain America Has A Cup Of Tea

1/2/10: The Dark Iron Spider X-Watchmen Hellboy Four Superman Decade

9/1/09: The Marriage Of Wolverine And Snow White (They Are Registered At Bed Bath & Beyond, Thank You)

8/23/09: The Amazing Adventures Of Payman & Sina


10/18/09: Hope Is A Thing With Feathers

9/1/09: Remember When The Most Offensive Ad Around Was Brooke Shields In Her Calvins? Innocent Times, Innocent Times

8/6/09: But Will Anyone Think Of Poor Dr. Pepper?


5/21/10: Mrs. Mia Wallace, Jean-Luc Picard, And Draw Mohammed Day

5/17/10: God Spelled Backwards Is Dog

3/31/10: Cartoon Wars: Episode V- The Academia Strikes Back

8/13/09: Garfield And Odie Never Caused This Much Consternation

7/29/09: Finding Gold From An Era Thought To Be Dark


10/10/09: Hang It In The Smithsonian Next To That Picture Of Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.

10/7/09: Looks Like A Radiohead Album Cover

General Art Posts

9/21/09: Paging Orson Welles…

6/29/09: Rock, Beauty, Scissors


8/18/09: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems, Mo’ Pictures Of Miley Cyrus

6/26/09: Going The Way Of The VHS and 8-Track


3/24/10: First Church Of Uglyville

2/24/10: It Looks Like A Translucent Borg Cube Surrounded By A Moat

6/18/09: If I Had My Way, I Would Tear This Old Building Down

Famous Masters

Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Picasso….

12/7/09: And He Was Installing The Alarm System, Too…

5/27/09: Once Is Happenstance, Twice Is Coincidence…

5/5/09: Maybe He Bought Her Flowers Instead


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