Books In General

9/1/10: Fabio Is Not On The Cover Of This Blog Post

7/27/10: Roll Over Johann Gutenberg…

3/26/10: Remembrance Of Books Past

3/4/10: Michael Chabon Is Paged Several Time

2/27/10: Saturday Morning Is A Time Of Cartoons And French Libel Law

2/9/10: Mr. Packer Does Not Give A Flying Tweet

1/30/10: Gone Baby Gone

1/7/10: Confusion Is Sex/Kill Yr Bookshelf

8/25/09: Barack’s Book Club, Where We “Washington Read” Tom Friedman And The Koran

7/20/09: Big Amazon Is Watching You!

7/16/09: Roll Over Faulkner, And Tell Charles Dickens The News

Blind Allegiance To Sarah Palin

Frank Bailey

2/22/11: Another Reason, Another Season, Another Palin Post

The Great Stagnation

Tyler Cowen

2/15/11: Hey Kids, Tyler Cowen Wrote A Book!

Known And Unknown

Donald Rumsfeld

2/8/11: Memoirs Happen, Writing Is Messy



1/28/11: Damn, We At Around The Sphere Had $200 On Joe Klein Again

Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother

Amy Chua

1/18/11: The Mommy Wars Go International

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain

1/6/11: Paging Chris Rock…

American Taliban

Markos Moulitsas

9/7/10: You’re A Liberal Fascist! You’re A Conservative Taliban! And Other Fun Insults To Please The Crowd

Anne Rice

8/4/10: In The Name Of The Father, The Son, And The Holy Ghost… She Quits

The Battle

Arthur Brooks

7/7/10: Culture Wars Episode IV: A New Chapter

The Overton Window

Glenn Beck

6/13/10: Kipling And Teasing The Panther


Christopher Hitchens

6/9/10: Zelig With A Scotch And Perrier


Anya Kamenetz

6/5/10: And After The DIY U, We’ll Have The New Wave U, The Grunge U, The Emo U

Mark Twain Autobiography

6/2/10: Of Course, He’ll Be Going On “The View” And Oprah To Promote The Thing

Rush Limbaugh: An Army Of One

Zef Chafets

5/29/10: Float Like A Butterfly, Scented Candle Like A Bee

Red Families v. Blue Families

Naomi Cahn and June Carborne

5/14/10: Red Family, Blue Family, Yellow Family (Wait, That’s Just The Simpsons)

The Good Man Jesus And The Scoundrel Christ

Philip Pullman

5/9/10: The Gospel According To Phil

State Of War

James Risen

5/3/10: Mr. Subpoena Risen, Mr. Subpoena Risen, Gotten Subpoena Risen

Selfish Reasons To Have More Kids

Bryan Caplan

4/30/10: And Now The Caplan Has Been Cloned!

Liberty and Tyranny

Mark Levin

4/25/10: Pearl Harbor, Pom-Poms, And Popcorn

False Profits

Dean Baker

4/8/10: The Prophets Said We Would Blow Bubbles, The Maestro Gives Us Bubblicious

Courting Disaster

Marc Thiessen

3/27/10: Mayer v. Thiessen: The Left Sphere Sings “Sweet Jane”

The Big Short

Michael Lewis

3/23/10: And Who Will Sandra Bullock Play In The Movie?

The Closing Of The American Mind

Allan Bloom

3/20/10: I Love the 80s: Allan Bloom Edition

No Apology

Mitt Romney

3/13/10: Mittens And The Brain

Courage And Consequence

Karl Rove

3/13/10: Mittens And The Brain

The Death And Life Of The Great American School System

Diane Ravitch

3/3/10: No Change Of Mind Left Behind

Fly Fishing With Darth Vader

Matthew Labash

2/11/10: Watching Miller’s Crossing With Daniel Schorr In Khaki Pants

The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks

Rebecca Skloot

2/8/10: HeLa

J.D. Salinger

1/28/10: “All That David Copperfield Kind Of Crap”

The Reluctant Spy

John Kiriakou

1/28/10: Kiriakou Changes His Story

Game Change

The book Washington has been talking about

1/15/10: That’s Deep, Man

1/10/10: The Book Is Open

Right Now

Michael Steele

1/9/10: The Adventures Of The GOP On The Wheels Of Steele

When Brute Force Fails

Mark Kleiman

12/14/09: Once The Bleeding Stops, What Do You Do?

The New American Economy

Bruce Bartlett

11/23/09: Bruuuce! Bruuuce!

The Persecution Of Sarah Palin

Matthew Continetti

11/11/09: Liz Lemon In ’12!

Hannah Arendt

11/3/09: Oh, The Banality!

The Perils Of Legal Globalism

Eric Posner

10/31/09: There Has Been A Lot Of Debates About The Goldstone Report And Here’s One More

Searching For Whitopia

Rich Benjamin

10/22/09: Find A City, Find Myself A City To Live In

Too Big Too Fail

Andrew Ross Sorkin

10/20/09: In A Hotel Room In Russia, Yakking With Your Buddies


Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

11/10/09: Venerable Blogger Gets A Letter From The Man

10/17/09: And The Estate Of Rick James Is Suing, Too

Going Rogue: An American Life

Sarah Palin

11/18/09: The Daily Dish Goes Rogue In Search of Going Rogue

9/29/09: Go Rogue On November 17th At A Borders Near You


Matt Latimer

9/22/09: Thirty-Two Short Films About Two Ex-Presidents

9/15/09: The Movement And One George W. Bush And One Cass Sunstein

Why Are Jews Liberal?

Norman Podhoretz

9/10/09: “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Now Taping Somewhere In Kansas


9/19/09: Puff The Magic Basketball Diaries, By Henry Gibson

9/2/09: “The Unmentionable Odour Of Death Offends The September Night.”

The Lost Child

Julie Myerson

8/31/09: “I’m Peggy Olson And I Want To Smoke Some Marijuana.”

The Death Of Conservatism

Sam Tanenhaus

10/8/09: Bloggers Debate Karl Rove’s True Intentions

8/30/09: The First Rule Of The Conservative Movement Is That Everyone Gets Read Out Of The Conservative Movement, Eventually

The Test Of Our Times

Tom Ridge

8/20/09: Orange Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair

Reflections On The Revolution In Europe

Christopher Caldwell

8/17/09: Talkin’ European Revolution Reflection Blues

The Cartoons That Shook The World

8/13/09: Garfield And Odie Never Caused This Much Consternation

Upcoming Cheney Memoir

8/13/09: We See The “Tell” Part, But Are Uncomfortable With The Mental Image Of “Kiss”

The Israel Test

George Gilder

8/9/09: We Argue Benefits And Who Benefits And Would You Have Opposed The American Revolution?

To Kill A Mockingbird

Harper Lee

8/4/09: Every Time Malcolm Gladwell Writes Something, We Have To Post About It (That’s The Rules, Sorry)

The Giving Tree

Shel Silverstein

7/23/09: Love Means Letting The Little Boy Destroy You (And He Never Has To Say He’s Sorry)


Fred Kaplan

7/19/09: The Year Was Hip, Happening And Full Of Giant Steps

Ernest Hemingway

7/11/09: Always The Ones You Least Suspect…

Realizing Freedom

Tom G. Palmer

7/9/09: I’ll Take A Rothbardian Anarchism, In A Waffle Cone, With Sprinkles

Free: The Future Of A Radical Price

Chris Anderson

7/2/09: Sometimes You’re The Iceberg, Sometimes You’re The Titanic

Au Revoir to All That: Food, Wine, and the End of France

Mike Steinberger

6/30/09: Royale With Cheese

Dreams From My Father

President Barack Obama

10/7/09: You Don’t Need A Weatherman To Write Your Memoirs…

6/30/09: Right And Left Fight Over Barack Obama. Meanwhile, Sky Is Blue And Ice-Cream Is Yummy.

Ayn Rand

2/17/11: No Orcs Were Harmed In The Making Of This Trailer

12/29/10: Galt Has A Moment And A Movement

8/18/10: Aw, Aren’t You A Cute Little Objectivist? Aren’t You? Aren’t You?

9/16/09: Sally Go Rand The Roses

6/29/09: Objectivist’s Angel

Infinite Jest

David Foster Wallace

6/23/09: A Supposedly Fun Thing A Bunch Of People Are Doing This Summer

Digital Barbarism

By Mark Helprin

6/12/09: The Internet Is A Place For Ponies and Pol Pot

The Conservatives

Patrick Allitt’s new book

6/19/09: Braaaains…Braaaains…Braaains….

The Evolution of God

Robert Wright’s new book

9/9/09: The Evolution Of A Blogginghead; Or The Ballad Of Jim And Jerry

6/17/09: B-Head on the G-head


NYT reporter’s personal story of the subprime crisis.

5/24/09: “Busted” Busted!

The Godfather Doctrine

What should our foreign policy be? It should be like Michael Corleone

5/4/09: We’re Going With A Horse’s Head In Ahmadinejad’s Bed

Empire As A Way Of Life

By William Appleman Williams.

4/29/09: Posts That Are Getting All Radical


Everything we can find on the Bard.

5/24/09: To Be, Or Like, Not To Be, That’s Kinda The Question

4/23/09: And He Doesn’t Look A Day Over 300!

Losing Mum and Pup

Christopher Buckley’s upcoming memoir about life with his famous parents. Is he revealing too much? What says the Conservative blogosphere and movement?

4/22/09: Buckley Not-So-Dearest?


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