3/4/11: The Politician And The Movie Star

3/7/10: Forrest Gump Crashes With Wolves: An Oscar Post

2/2/10: That Oscar Will Really Tie Jeff Bridges’s Room Together


6/7/10: Who Knew That An Ogre Was So Dangerous?

Movie Critics

2/22/10: The Internet Thumbs Up


5/31/10: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Man

5/11/10: “Don’t Know Why There’s No Sun Up In The Sky”

8/6/09: Bueller… Bueller… Bueller…

Movie Stars/Directors/Writers

7/23/10: The Passion Of The Gibson

4/24/10: Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Dean… On The Website Of The Atlantic Magazine

9/28/09: We Stay On The Subject Of The Mainstream Media And In The WaPo Offices For Yet Another Blogger Ethics Panel

6/10/09: Angelina Steinem

The Intersection of Movies And Politics

Political movies, political figures in movies, movie stars turned politicians, etc…

3/4/11: The Politician And The Movie Star

1/27/11: “Star Wars… Nothing But Star Wars…”

7/31/10: May The Cuts In Capital Gains Taxes Be With You

7/28/10: Captain America, Flag Or No Flag, Fights Fred Phelps

12/23/09: And Ronald Reagan Tugged At His Suit And Said “Make It So”

9/22/09: I Believe That Right To A Pygmy Horse Is In The Constitution, In The Fine Print Of the 18th Amendment

8/25/09: Sax And Violins In Movies, Part 428

8/10/09: The Juice-Boxers Stick Together: This Is Why It Is Called A “Mafia.”

7/27/09: The Corner Goes To The Movies

7/6/09: The Best And The Brightest No More

6/19/09: Braaaains…Braaaains…Braaains….

5/14/09: Well, Adam West Is A Mayor


Posts about movies and culture…

6/7/10: Spidey Sense Knows No Color

1/30/10: While  You Were Out Watching “Avatar”

1/2/10: The Dark Iron Spider X-Watchmen Hellboy Four Superman Decade

11/15/09: I Vant To Suck Your Blood

10/8/09: The Business End Of The Show

10/1/09: Ozzie Smith And A Cast Of Munchkins

9/1/09: The Marriage Of Wolverine And Snow White (They Are Registered At Bed Bath & Beyond, Thank You)

7/15/09: Oo De Lally, Oo De Lally, Golly, What An Economic Downturn

7/6/09: You Mean Al Jolson Wasn’t A Robot?

6/24/09: The Telecast Will Now Be Twenty Hours Long

5/9/09: Whither The Western


Who needs to watch Ebert?

9/4/10: Been Through The Movies With A Character With No Name

8/21/10: “I’m Pat F*cking Tillman.”

8/14/10: Julia Finds Herself Eating, Praying And Loving

8/7/10: The Michael Keaton Comeback Continues…

7/31/10: Dead Mice And Schmucks

7/24/10: Salt, But No Pepper?

7/17/10: Life Is But A Dream, Sweetheart

7/10/10: And How Are The Kids?

7/3/10: I See Dead Filmmaking Careers

6/26/10: Cruising For A Bruising

6/19/10: Has Anyone Thought Of Asking Pixar To Fix The Oil Spill?

6/12/10: Eighties Nostalgia Almost All Played Out… Cue Up The Stirrings Of Nineties Nostalgia…

6/5/10: K. Diddy’s A Film Star And Other Improbable Tales

5/29/10: Every Decade Gets Their Very Own “Ishtar”

5/22/10: Return To The Land Of Wayne’s World

5/15/10: But Bryan Adams Is In No Way Involved With This, Right?

5/8/10: The Charisma Of Robert Downey Jr. Is Praised By Movie Bloggers

5/1/10: One, Two, Freddy’s Coming For You. Three, Four, A Remake Critics Don’t Adore

4/17/10: Kids Say The Darndest Things

4/10/10: NBC Must-See TV On The Movie Screen

4/3/10: Kraken Released, In More Than Two Dimensions

3/27/10: Snakes In A Hot Tub… No, Hot Tub To The Future… No, H.G. Wells In A Hot Tub

3/20/10: Don’t Fear The Repo. According To Bloggers, Don’t See It, Either.

3/13/10: Shake, Shake, Shake… Shake, Shake, Shake… Shake Your Green Zone, Shake Your Green Zone

3/6/10: Drink Me! Eat Me! Review Me!

2/13/10: Critics Are Throwing Heart Candies At The Screen

1/23/10: The Blogosphere Presents “TV Movie Of The Week”

1/17/10: Eli’s Coming

12/19/09: I Have A Blue House With A Blue Window

12/6/09: He Moves Efficiently, Beyond Security

11/14/09: So This T-Paw Speculation May All Be For Naught?

10/19/09: Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing, You Make Everything Groovy

8/21/09: “And  You Will Know I Am The Lord When I Lay My Vegeance Upon You” -Ezekiel 25:17, Samuel L. Jackson-Style

8/11/09: One Day, Your Blog Will Turn Into A Movie Starring  Meryl Streep

6/12/09: What Goes “Up…”

5/8/09: Spock’s Blog Would Be Fascinating

5/2/09: The Lost Muppet/Wolverine Connection


What films does the blogosphere love? And will they put those films in list form?

4/29/09: Popcorn and Passports

Upcoming Films

You don’t need coming attractions when you have blogs.

2/17/11: No Orcs Were Harmed In The Making Of This Trailer

9/8/09: Love Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

7/27/09: The Corner Goes To The Movies

4/25/09: Where No Blog Has Gone Before


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