8/15/10: E=MC Fluoride


4/30/10: And Now The Caplan Has Been Cloned!


9/4/10: “Red, Red Wine… Stay Close To Me…”

8/26/10: The Stem Cell Fight Begins Anew, A Return To 2001 For Me And You

8/3/10: Phytoplankton Numbers Are Phalling

5/26/10: And On The Fourth Day, Venter Said, Let There Be A Press Release

5/12/10: We’re A Super Weed, Super Weed, We’re Super-Weedy, Yow

3/22/10: Criminals Everywhere Break Out The Purell

The “Unexplained”

1/4/11: Where Is Alfred Hitchcock When We Need Him?

12/10/09: Close Encounters Of The Russian Kind


11/30/09: I, Me, Mine, I, Me, Mine, I, Me, Mine


1/28/10: University of East Anglia, Yet Again

11/21/09: We’ve Got A ‘Gate’! We’ve Got A ‘Gate’!


10/1/09: Well Hello, Ardi, It’s So Nice To Have You Back Where You Belong

9/9/09: The Evolution Of A Blogginghead; Or The Ballad Of Jim And Jerry


8/18/09: Finally, A Scientific Study Worth The Money

Medical Research

1/7/11: A Day Of Reckoning For Jenny McCarthy, And Not Just For “John Tucker Must Die”

6/30/10: That Memo Smokes Three Packs A Day

5/8/10: Just A Spray In Your Nose And You’ll Understand The Annoyance Of Pantyhose

4/15/10: Alice D. Medical Research

4/3/10: Go Patent Yourself!

2/8/10: HeLa

2/3/10: Reuters Isn’t The Only Organization Pulling Stories

9/4/09: A Victory Against The Virus

8/14/09: Don’t It Make My White Mouse Blue


7/27/09: Good Computer… Nice Computer… Pretty Computer…

Outer Space

12/1/10: Is Fox Mulder’s Life Work About To Get Vindicated?

7/8/10: On A Magic Carpet Ride

7/7/10: It Is Far Away, It Is Hot, And It Is Not Named Mel Gibson

6/13/10: So Not Only Are There Definitely Aliens, But They Are Stealing Our TVs

4/29/10: Don’t Phone Us, E.T., And We Won’t Phone You

1/31/10: Mr. President, I Served With Mr. Spock, I Knew Mr. Spock, Mr. Spock Was A Friend Of Mine. Mr. President, You’re No Mr. Spock

11/13/09: The Picture Below Shows The Future, My Friends

11/11/09: The Redemption Of Giordano Bruno

10/20/09: Dan Quayle Speechwriter Arrested (And Yeah, He Also Helped Find Water On The Moon)

10/9/09: A Preemptive Strike Against Various Moon Monsters

9/16/09: Corot-7b, A Friendly Place For You And Me

8/28/09: All Hail Helios And Raise Your Magnets To The Sky

8/2/09: See Spot Run, See Spot Fetch, See Spot On Jupiter, That Dog Must Be Dead

7/17/09: Hey, Andy Did You Hear About This One?

6/18/09: You Can’t Swim In It, It’s A Bit Shallow For A Boat, And The Fish Just Won’t Bite


7/19/10: Ghosts On A Boat? That Was In “Ghostbusters II”

5/13/10: So Easy A Caveman Can Do It

10/1/09: Well Hello, Ardi, It’s So Nice To Have You Back Where You Belong

5/20/09: The Ida Of May


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