9/8/10: Ah, Another Scandal In Another Sport, But This One We Americans Don’t Care About

Women And Sports

8/17/10: Some Television Coverage Of Their Own?


4/11/10: Jay-Z’s Got 23 Points, But A B*&%h Ain’t One


3/11/10: Is The Fish The Story Or Does Something Smell Fishy?


1/3/10: Suffer The Little Children And The Billionaire Golfers

12/27/09: This Hole Is Either Par Four Or Par Eight

12/15/09: You Can Only Ignore The Philandering Golfer In The Room For So Long


2/13/10: “What Would Brian Boitano Do?”

10/2/09: Well, It Is Nowhere Near As Embarrassing As Tonya Harding

9/28/09: The South Korean Judge Gives It A 5.5


6/24/10: Do They Break Out The Vuvuzelas For This?

9/14/09: The Mother Of All US Opens?

9/8/09: US Teenager Chops Down Russians And Giants, Will Likely Get On A Wheaties Box With Her Ax


8/22/09: Quicker Than A Ray Of Light, Faster Than A Lightning Bolt


8/21/10: “I’m Pat F*cking Tillman.”

6/14/10: You Know What’s Inside A Trojan Horse? College Football And Basketball Players

2/8/10: The Korean War Finally Ends

2/6/10: In Between Hot Wings And Cold Beer…

1/8/10: There Apparently Is Some Sort Of Tide That Will Be Rolling And A Statue That Will Be Built

11/17/09: This Is The Thanks He Gets For Not Being Risk-Averse?

11/16/09: We Could Change The Name Of The Lions, But I Doubt That Would Do Any Good

10/15/09: The Rush-orschach Test

10/11/09: Rush And The Rams: The Saga Continues

9/5/09: Violence In Football? Nah, That’s Not Really Believable

8/14/09: Whoa Doggies!

Soccer (Or Football)

6/25/10: The Week That Was Landon Donovan’s Goal

6/12/10: “Are You Ready For Some Futbol?!?”

12/6/09: Football For Sunday (No, Not That Football)

6/25/09: We Still Won’t Be Calling It Football


8/23/10: “Burning Out His Fuse Up Here Alone”

6/3/10: “I Cost That Kid A Perfect Game”

1/11/09: “McGuinn And McGwire Just a-Gettin’ Higher…”

11/5/09: Empire State Of Mind

10/25/09: This Is Why New York Is A Blue State

6/20/09: We Now Return You To Your Reguarly Scheduled Baseball Doping Scandal, Already In Progress


6/14/10: You Know What’s Inside A Trojan Horse? College Football And Basketball Players

5/18/10: The Question Is, What Are We Witnessing?

4/3/10: Coach S., This Year’s Cinderella Model And Next Year’s 96 Storylines

5/31/09: Off In The Distance, The Sound Of David Stern Sobbing

5/27/09: Cleveland Should Be Worried

5/7/09: Do Charles, Kenny, or E.J. Read The New Yorker?

5/5/09: Is Los Angeles Concerned? Should They Be?

4/29/09: The Series Of the Play-Offs (So Far…)


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