New Technology

2/25/10: In Bloom


11/30/09: I, Me, Mine, I, Me, Mine, I, Me, Mine

Cell Phones

1/3/11: Strawberry Alarm Clock

7/7/10: Four Bars, Three Bars, Two Bars, One Bar

4/20/10: I’ll Have A Martini, Extra-Dry, With Vodka, Stirred With An iPhone

1/5/10: Superman, Superfly, Superphone

12/28/09: No iPhone For You!

11/5/09: Like It Or Not, David Brooks Remains The Columnist The Internets Blog About The Most

Video Games

9/9/09: Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine

The Future Of Technology

2/18/11: I’ll Take Skynet Is Taking Over The World For $800, Alex

10/20/09: Solution: Geoengineer Trees That Will Eat Electromagnetic Pulses

8/10/09: It’s Tom Servo’s World, We Just Live In It

7/27/09: Good Computer… Nice Computer… Pretty Computer…

The History Of Technology

8/10/09: It’s Tom Servo’s World, We Just Live In It

7/6/09: All The Kids Are Talking About Malthus These Days

Patent/Copyright/Sharing Issues

8/4/10: Godwin’s Law: Now With Seals

2/3/10: Sympathy For The Record Industry

8/5/09: We Gawk at Gawker Gawking at WaPo

7/27/09: Reuters Wins The Web By Default

7/20/09: Big Amazon Is Watching You!

6/22/09: The Internet Is A Place For Ponies and Pol Pot

6/16/09: Arrr Matey! Sent Up Me WiFi And Set Sail For Ye Northern Star


4/27/10: The Quote Of The Day Is: “PowerPoint Makes Us Stupid”


9/6/10: What, No Ironic Rabbit Hears App?

7/27/10: Roll Over Johann Gutenberg…

6/20/10: Read This Post With The Theme Song Of “Cops” Playing In Your Head

6/3/10: Something To Keep In Mind When Complaining About Your Job

5/30/10: iDominance

2/25/10: Good & Plenty Would Have Meant Expulsion

1/26/10: Steve Jobs Will Come Out… Tomorrow.. Bet Your Bottom Dollar… That Tomorrow… They’ll Be Tablets

8/11/09: Eat My Electricity, Prius!

7/31/09: Cell Phone Users Of The World Unite! You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Ringtones!

6/26/09: Going The Way Of The VHS and 8-Track

6/13/09: Cables! Cables! Get Your HDMI Cables Here!

The Internets

A series of Tubes…

3/16/11: Wikileaks 2.0

2/16/11: The Keystone Kops Are After Greenwald!

2/3/11:  So Does It Come Out Every Day?

1/21/11: Goldbook Or Facesachs?

1/14/11: Shall I Compare Thee To A Snake, A Gorilla, A Jungle, Bananas, Sex…

1/13/11: RT: Subpoena #wikileaks

12/29/10: It’s Been A Good Long Time Since We’ve Had A Nice Internet Fight

12/21/10: Get The Net!

12/16/10: Status: Time’s Man Of The Year

12/14/10: To Do List: Christmas Shopping, Shovel Snow, Change Gawker Password

9/8/10: There Are No Happy Endings On Craigslist

8/21/10: Every Few Years, We’ve Got To Declare Something “Dead.” It’s In The Constitution Or Something.

8/15/10: E=MC Fluoride

8/9/10: Verizon And Google Sitting In A Tree, Killing Net Neutrality

8/5/10: Where Would We Be At Around The Sphere Without Cut And Paste?

6/22/10: Here’s The Red Button That Nukes The Commies… Here’s The Switch That Kills The Internets

6/15/10: Gawker And Apple, Yet Again

6/8/10: Give Your Blog Posts Some Ritalin

5/14/10: Facebook Status: Evil

5/6/10: Scour The Internets And Find Us A Creative, Funny Title About Net Neutrality, Please

4/6/10: Ask The Ninja Or Ask The U.S. Court Of Appeals For The D.C. Circuit

4/1/10: I Topeka-ed Myself On The First Of April, 2010

3/17/10: Broadband Across America

2/6/10: Big Brother Is Watching Me Type This Post Title

1/30/10: Gone Baby Gone

1/13/10: Tearing Down That Great Firewall?

12/22/09: Russian Cyber Gangs Attack Citi Or At Least That’s What The Wall Street Journal Says

12/2/09: If You Need Any More Proof That Rupert Rules The Roost…

11/21/09: Will Having Psalm 109 In This Blog Title Get Us Google Hits? Is It Worth It?

11/11/09: Honesty In The Search Box, Honesty That Looks Like The Title Of A Prince Song

11/9/09: When The Old Men Talk About The Googles, We All Strain To Listen

10/30/09: Those Tubes Leak Out The Darndest Things

9/23/09: Neutral Tubes, Regulated Tubs, Free Tubes, Paying Tubes

9/1/09: The Night They Drove Old G-mail Down

8/27/09: Yes, John Jay Called Alexander Hamilton A “Skank” In The Federalist Papers. This Is One Of The Things They Don’t Teach You In History Class.

8/7/09: Twitter Down! Facebook Down! Man The Barricades!

7/9/09: Prediction: Nobody Will Ever Say They’ve Binged Themselves

7/8/09: Lil’ Kim Clogged Our Tubes

5/12/09: Google My Tubes


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