8/17/10: Some Television Coverage Of Their Own?

7/22/10: Maybe If They Hire Joss Whedon Or J.J. Abrams…


2/8/10: The Korean War Finally Ends

Business Of Television

11/19/09: Are They Birds Of A Feather And Do They Fly Together?

Television And Politics

9/2/10: A Hostage Situation At Discovery Communications Building

4/23/10: The Gecko And The Caveman Are Both Registered Independents

2/6/10: In Between Hot Wings And Cold Beer…

12/23/09: And Ronald Reagan Tugged At His Suit And Said “Make It So”

10/13/09: Fran Drescher Is Loud And She Sits On A Big, Juicy Hamburger

9/27/09: Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em

8/25/09: Sax And Violins In Movies, Part 428

Bits On TV

12/22/10: Not Exactly A Moment Of Zen

4/24/10: Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Dean… On The Website Of The Atlantic Magazine

1/22/10: New Front Opens On Late Night Wars: Now Taking On MSNBC

1/13/10: Let Us Speak Of Late Night Show Hosts Not Named Leno Or O’Brien

11/24/09: That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

11/6/09: Appendicitis To Smoochy

10/12/09: You Say I’m Hurting America… I Say You’re Hurting America… Potato… Potahto… Tomato… Tomahto… Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

10/2/09: Confession Is Good For The Soul. At 11:35 PM. CBS Television Network.

9/14/09: One Would Think A Channel Would Have to Air Music Videos To Have A “Video Music Awards”

8/31/09: “I’m Peggy Olson And I Want To Smoke Some Marijuana.”

7/28/09: Sarah Palin May Have Fought The Media, But She Never Fought The Klingons, Did She?


Sitcoms, drama, reality, whatever

2/18/11: I’ll Take Skynet Is Taking Over The World For $800, Alex

1/24/11: This Story You Will Be Talking About Tomorrow

1/21/11: The Idea That There Are Sexual Images On MTV Is Shocking… Shocking

8/30/10: And Tying It All Up With A Pretty Bow, Reality Television

7/6/10: Retirement, Hello!

7/1/10: That’s What They Said

5/24/10: Found

5/16/10: In The Television Industry, There Are Two Types Of Criminal Justice Shows: Law And Order And Its Spin-Offs And Everything Else. These Are Their Stories. Doink Doink.

4/28/10: Jack-In-The-TV-Box

4/22/10: “You Know, I’ve Learned Something Today”

3/29/10: Life Hands You Lemons, You Cast Tina Fey

1/8/10: Huzzah! Bill Carter Gets To Write Another Book

12/14/09: Come For The Laughter, Stay For The Musings On The American Dream

11/20/09: She Is Leaving (We Gave Her Most Of Our Lives)

10/12/09: Satan Gave Me A Taco

8/18/09: Well, They’re Gonna Have To Get Chuck Grassley On Board For That, Too

8/17/09: Yet Again, We Plunge Into The Murky, Distant Waters Of The Sixties, Only To Find A Shattered Martini Glass And A Couple Lost Souls

8/10/09: He Brings Right And Left Together And He Brings Us Lewis Black

5/30/09: Exeunt Stage Right

5/24/09: The Jon and Kate Watergate

Inappropriate Content

Whether it involves Janet Jackson, swears, or any other questionable material, we’ll cover it if the blogs are covering it.

7/17/10: I Hear The Sound Of Laughter From A Soul Stuck On The Roof

11/23/09: Kanye Did Not Interrupt, This Time

10/28/09: Conservatives Curb Their Enthusiasm

6/11/09: From The Home Office In The Interwebs…

4/28/09: Curses!


Television stars who pass on to the great Zenith in the sky.

6/4/10: And Then There Was One

5/29/10: Little Person, Big Catchphrase

9/19/09: Puff The Magic Basketball Diaries, By Henry Gibson

6/29/09: Objectivist’s Angel

4/26/09: Now Who Will Tell Rose To Shut Up


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