6/1/10: And Nobody Mentions The Lead Paint

5/2/10: On The Avenue I’m Taking You To, Forty-Fifth Street

2/6/10: Big Brother Is Watching Me Type This Post Title

12/14/09: Once The Bleeding Stops, What Do You Do?

11/24/09: I Think It’s So Groovy Now That People Are Finally Gettin’ Together

11/19/09: You Have The Right To Remain Silent, Anything You Say Can Be Covered by C-Span

11/14/09: The Outsiders And The Crime Rate

11/13/09: The Real Trial Of The Century

10/15/09: The Bleeding And Leading Leads To Perceiving Things Not In Line With Reality

Hostage Situation

9/2/10: A Hostage Situation At Discovery Communications Building


8/1/10: And The Fire Spreads

8/30/10: TPM Cafe: Serving Up More Than Just Anonymous Bloggers


6/30/10: Those Burgers Obama And Medvedev Were Chomping Down On? Made Of Moose And Squirrel

Breaking Regulations

1/27/11: Open The Hatch!

6/1/10: We’ve Been Hit By A Smooth, And Oily, Criminal


5/27/09: Once Is Happenstance, Twice Is Coincidence…

Weapons Violations

4/20/10: Oh My God! They Indicted Kenny!… You Bastards!


3/7/11: The Continued Case Of Bradley Manning

1/26/11: Fun With Jane And David

12/17/10: While All The World’s Eyes Remain On Assange…

6/7/10: Wikiarrest

4/19/10: Thomas Exchanged E-Mails With Siobhan


2/25/10: The Shootings On Danziger Bridge

11/25/09: Debating Wrist Slaps

Hate Crimes

8/26/10: A Stabbing In A New York City Taxi Cab

10/10/09: Congresscritters Are Busy Critters, With All The Bill Writing And Amending And Such

Sex Crimes

2/17/11: Silvio, Silvio, Silvio…

2/16/11: Lara Logan, Nir Rosen… Nothing Funny Here

2/1/11: The Party Of No?

8/23/10: There Are Slow News Days And Bizarre News Days. This Was One Of The Latter.

8/16/10: The Happiest Place On Earth, Not So Much

7/21/10: Man Lied To Get A Woman Into Bed. In Other News, The Sky Is Blue.

5/17/10: The Kids Are Alright

3/16/10: Oh, Brother…

1/14/10: Weapons Inspectors Back In The News

11/28/09: Not So Much Shock, Not So Much Awe, A Lot Of Disgust

11/1/09: Can I Get A Witness?

10/15/09: I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

9/29/09: Slow News Day At The Vatican, So They Revive This?

9/28/09: We Stay On The Subject Of The Mainstream Media And In The WaPo Offices For Yet Another Blogger Ethics Panel

9/25/09: John Walsh And The Sex Laws Of Unintended Consequences

Drug Busts

5/10/10: They Shoot Doggies, Don’t They?

9/12/09: A Blogger’s Bust Makes The News

Acorn Scandal

1/27/10: Oh Jimmy Mack, When Are You Coming Back?

9/10/09: Create Chaos For Glory, Then Add Nuts

Assault And Battery

2/24/11: What Happened To Tabitha Hale?

8/26/10: A Stabbing In A New York City Taxi Cab

4/14/10: What Happened In The French Quarter?

4/8/10: Don’t Cry, Don’t Raise Your Eye, It’s Only Teenage Wasteland

12/26/09: I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again

9/15/09: The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round

9/3/09: They Eat Fingers, Don’t They?


3/24/10: Is The Tea Turning Explosive?

8/26/09: A Backwards Backwards B Situation

Death Penalty

3/14/11: The Land Of Lincoln Says No

6/21/10: Old School Technology Meets New School Technology

11/11/09: Moral Intuition, Revenge And Justice

9/1/09: Death Don’t Have No Mercy In This Land

8/21/09: The Quality Of Mercy, Strained Or Not Strained, Is Debated

8/20/09: The Troy Davis Case

Tax Evasion

4/21/10: The IRS Getting Involved In The Florida Senate Race? Priceless.

8/20/09: That Gondola Lift Is Going Straight To Tax Cheater’s Prison


3/30/10: Loonies To The Left Of Us, Loonies To The Right, Here I Am, Stuck On The Tubes With You

3/29/10: Well, They Certainly Weren’t On MySpace In 1995

8/16/09: Shouting Murder Threats In A Crowded Internet

Animal Abuse

8/14/09: Whoa Doggies!

Voter Intimidation

7/16/10: Almost A Year From Our Original Post, We Return To The Land Of Panthers And 60s Revivals

7/30/09: Why Don’t Any Of These Sixties Revivals Include A Beatles Reunion? Oh. Yeah.

Police Issues/Law Enforcement Issues

7/10/10: The Oscar Grant Verdict: Trouble In O-Town

6/20/10: Read This Post With The Theme Song Of “Cops” Playing In Your Head

6/16/10: The Punch Seen Round The Internets

5/26/10: Johnny-Come-Lately Brings 1,200

5/10/10: They Shoot Doggies, Don’t They?

5/4/10: It’s The Little Old Lady (From Teabagadena)

4/29/10: First They Went For Hatfill, Then They Went For Ivins…

3/31/10: Sign The Ticket Or You’re In For A Shock

12/20/09: When I Was A Kid, We Organized Our Snowball Fights On AOL Message Boards

12/15/09: Hey Joe, Where You Going With That Gun In Your Hand?

9/30/09: Magical Mystery Police Force In Hardin, Montana

9/6/09: Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho And The Walls Come Tumbling Down

8/15/09: It Is Sixties Rock And Roll Day Here. So Yes, A Complete Unknown… Like A Rolling Stone

7/29/09: No, Really, Seriously, Don’t Tase Me Bro

7/21/09: In My House

Public Corruption

1/11/11: Yes, We Know That Hammer And Slammer Rhyme

8/18/10: If The Hair Does Oddly Sit, You Must Acquit

6/27/10: This Hair Has Filed A Motion For A Separate Trial

7/24/09: There Are Crime Rings In New Jersey? You Don’t Say!


8/23/10: “Burning Out His Fuse Up Here Alone”

7/23/09: A Stroll Down The Memory Bush

Disorderly Conduct

6/29/10: Wonder What Henry Ford Would Say About This?

7/21/09: In My House


3/21/11: F Is For Fake, Is For Fraud

6/2/10: The O’Keefe Tapes: Part II

5/20/10: Telling Tall Tales Out Of School

12/10/09: Back In Black (And Blago)

11/5/09: Ride, Captain, Ride Upon Your Mystery Ship

8/23/09: Render Unto Caesar The Things Which Are Caesar’s

6/29/09: By The Time He Gets Out, We’ll Have Those Flying Jetpacks

Prison Population

3/14/11: Governors Are Doing All Kinds Of Things Out There

5/17/10: The Kids Are Alright

12/14/09: Once The Bleeding Stops, What Do You Do?

8/6/09: Escape From Alcatraz, With 100% Less Clint Eastwood

6/22/09: Well, One Sees Why The Right Doesn’t Want Tim Robbins To Vote

Evidence Issues

5/23/10: I’m Shocked, Shocked To Find Mean Things On This Twitter

3/22/10: Criminals Everywhere Break Out The Purell

10/18/09: Hope Is A Thing With Feathers

6/18/09: Watson And Crick Get No Love From The Supremes

Murder/Attempted Murder

Miss Scarlet, in the Library, with the Lead Pipe…

3/17/11: The Raymond Davis Case

3/8/11: “Here I Am. Tell Me I Didn’t Do The Things That I Did.”

1/28/11:  The Murder Of Brisenia Flores

1/10/11:  Tucson

1/5/11: John P. Wheeler: 1944-2010

12/15/10: C For Crazy

7/26/10: The Tide Is High

6/24/10: Honor And The Media: Steyn v. Friedersdorf

4/22/10: And He Walked His Days Under African Skies

3/6/10: Yes, We’re Having This Argument Again

2/22/10: What We Are Talking About When We Say Certain Words, Part III

2/14/10: The Amy Bishop Case

1/23/10:  Returning, For A Moment, To Fort Hood…

11/30/09:  Horton Huckabee Hears A Commuted Sentence

11/9/09:  What We Are Talking About When We Say Certain Words, Part II

11/5/09:  Tragedy In Texas

11/4/09: An Honor Killing In Arizona

9/24/09: Strange Fruit Grows On Kentucky Trees

9/11/09: A Shooting In Michigan; Or Yes, Virginia, There Are Lunatics On Both Sides, If Abortion Is Even What This Shooting Is About

8/20/09: The Troy Davis Case

6/12/09: Left-Wing, Right-Wing, Chicken-Wing, Paul McCartney and Wings

6/10/09: Holocaust Museum Shooting: Blogosphere Reacts

6/1/09:  The Crazy Continues…

5/31/09: George Tiller: The Blogosphere Reacts

4/27/09: The Theme Of The Day Is Marriage


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