The Crisis


The European Situation

2/28/11: Erlernen Sie Von Uns, Amerika, Part III

12/7/10: We Have A Letter From Ireland Here

8/18/10: Erlernen Sie Von Uns, Amerika, Part II

7/24/10: Erlernen Sie Von Uns, Amerika

7/4/10: O’Austerity

5/10/10: Greece Is Lehman… No, Greece Is California… No, Greece Is On Fire… No, Greece Is Getting “Shock And Awe”

5/4/10: It’s All Greek To Me And The Markets

4/28/10: Greece Is Melting, Euro Is Falling, Germany Is Angering…

4/12/10: Greasing The Wheels For The Skid

3/11/10: A Scattering Of Blog Posts Concerning Greece, Germany, And EMF

2/9/10: Beware Goldman Sachs Bearing Gifts

Side Effects

1/13/11:  Falling, Falling, Falling

7/15/10: The Rich Are Deadbeats, Just Like Us!

6/1/10: And Nobody Mentions The Lead Paint

4/10/10: The Birds And The Bees Had Money In Lehman

12/19/09: Bring Out Your Deadbeats!

Other Depressions/Recessions And This One

5/25/10: I Ain’t Saying They’re A Golddigger

12/9/09: Go Together Like A Horse And Carriage

10/29/09: What Do We Buy It For The 80th Anniversary? Lehman Stock?

10/21/09: Gold Diggers Of 2009

10/1/09: Five Times Five Is Twenty-Five, Five Times Six Is Thirty, Five Times Seven Is Thirty-Five

7/15/09: Oo De Lally, Oo De Lally, Golly, What An Economic Downturn

How To Fix The Economy

1/21/11: Will He Bring Good Things To Life?

12/10/10: Look, Children, It’s A Thing Spoke Of As Myth (An Actual Filibuster, Or Not)

12/9/10: They Make Their Voice Vote Heard

12/7/10: “Wait Until That Deal Come Round”

11/30/10: Baby, It’s Freezing Outside

9/6/10: Holiday, Celebrate!

9/1/10: Staring At Shoes In Regards To The Wall Street Journal Article

8/28/10: We Now Return You To This 24,536th Episode Of “Bloggers Debating Whether The Stimulus Worked”

8/12/10: Sally Go ‘Round The Want Ads

8/5/10: We All Need Something To Write About In August

7/20/10: Where Is Radar O’Reilly When You Need Him?

7/8/10: David, Go To Your Corner… Paul, Go To Your Corner… Matt, Go To Your Corner… Noah, Go To Your Corner

7/1/10: 4th Time Around

6/24/10: Frank Capra And The Austerity Pimps: Doo Wop Group From The Chambers Of The Senate

6/7/10: And The Circle Is Complete, With Gluts And Missing Inner Keynesians

4/29/10: In A Bad Mood About Moody’s, Part II

4/28/10: Greece Is Melting, Euro Is Falling, Germany Is Angering…

4/17/10: Bailouts Now, Bailouts Never, Bailouts Later, Bailouts Forever

3/18/10: Dodd’s The Word, Part II

3/11/10: A Scattering Of Blog Posts Concerning Greece, Germany, And EMF

3/2/10: Chris Dodd And The Piranhas

2/23/10: What Is The Sound Of Thousands Of Conservatives De-Friending Scott Brown On Facebook?

2/23/10: There’s A Straw Man Waiting In The Sky, He’d Like To Come And Meet Us, But He Thinks He’d Blow Our Minds

2/11/10: Get Nekkid With Harry Reid Or; We Spent Those College Years Being Bi-Partisan Curious And We’re Done Now

1/21/10: Ride Of The Volcker-ies

1/16/10: It Was Chris Dodd, In The Back Room, With The Candlestick

12/18/09: Our Sour Cream & Onion Monetary Policy

12/3/09: The Translucent Summit

11/23/09: Bruuuce! Bruuuce!

11/18/09: Just When Things Couldn’t Look Any Worse, Bob Vila Comes In And Saves Us

10/5/09: Theories Abound

9/9/09: Barney Brings Back A Bill

7/22/09: Does The Fed Keep Its Receipts In A Little Shoebox? Probably Not

7/7/09: Stimulus II: The Wrath Of Keynes

New Regulations

8/24/10: Timmy, The Bloggers And The Background, Which Is Apparently A Portrait Of Robert Rubin

7/29/10: The Vision Is Getting Cloudier And Cloudier

7/19/10: Timmy And Lizzy, Having A Tizzy

7/15/10: FinReg Soon The Be More Than Just A Wonky Blogger’s Twitter Tag

7/11/10: Turn Your Prayer Books To Section 342, Where We Sing Of Offices Of Inclusion

6/30/10: Your Daily FinReg Centerfold

6/26/10: Straight Outta Conference

6/25/10: This Macaca Moment, So Different And So New

5/24/10: A Bill Either Too Big Or Not Big Enough Doesn’t Fail

5/19/10: Greatest Deliberative Body Or Lord Of The Flies?

5/13/10: Tough On Tuesday, Weak On Wednesday

5/10/10: FinReg Brings Us Back To Waterloo, Yet Again

4/29/10: In A Bad Mood About Moody’s, Part II

4/28/10: All Night Long? No, That’s Way Past Their Bedtimes

4/27/10: Porno For Regulators

4/21/10: Blanche Depended On The Kindness Of Grassley

4/17/10: Bailouts Now, Bailouts Never, Bailouts Later, Bailouts Forever

3/10/10: Timmy Meets With Even More Bloggers

1/4/09: Big Ben In The Dirty South

12/12/09: Taibbi V. Fernholz: Who You Callin’ A Sellout?

12/11/09: Gordon Gekko Does Not Approve!

11/10/09: Dodd’s The Word

11/4/09: Meet The Financial Bloggers, Timmy

10/26/09: Too Cliched To Keep Saying

7/28/09: Cash Rules Everything Around Me

6/17/09: Risky Business

6/15/09: They Write Op-Eds, Too

The Big “Why?”

Why did this happen? A housing bubble? Lack of regulation? Freddie, Fannie? Greenspan?

2/21/11: Weekend At Bernie’s Jail Cell

2/14/11: The End Of Mubarak And The End Of Fannie and Freddie?

1/31/11: Stop! Panel Time!

4/29/10: In A Bad Mood About Moody’s, Part II

4/22/10: It’s Another Blog Post On The Economy, Stupid

12/22/09: I Left My Ability To Foresee Risk In El Segundo

11/10/09: Get Your Pure Irrational Exuberance Bubble, Uncut

10/14/09: A Bit Of Wisdom From A Dry Martini

9/28/09: Balance Wheel Keep On Turning

9/21/09: There’s A Blog Post On Everything

9/18/09: In A Bad Mood About Moody’s

9/8/09: Love Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

9/7/09: A Tale Of Baby-sitters, Ketchup, And Economists

6/24/09: Don’t Worry, They Have Some Legos In The Bank

6/17/09: 2002 Is So Seven Years Ago

5/28/09: Bubba And The Bubble

5/24/09: “Busted” Busted!

5/19/09: Ruminate On Regulate

5/7/09: Please Stand By While We Immanentize The Eschaton

5/5/09: Move Away From The Bubble, Carol Anne!

Detroit’s Blues

First, the Lions have the worst season in NFL history. Then MSU gets blown out in the Finals. Then the Pistons barely make it into the play-offs. Then… oh yeah, the auto companies.

8/16/10: Look, We’ve Got A Heartbeat!

7/19/10: The First Cut Is The Deepest

4/26/10: New For 2011, Government Motors Presents The Obamamobile

12/2/09: Puttin’ On The Fritz

10/28/09: The Notorious G.M.A.C.

7/31/09: Dude, Where’s My Cash For Clunkers Program?

7/13/09: History Shows Us There Are Worse Ways For A Czar To Leave

6/8/09: And It All Comes Down To Ruth

6/1/09: It’s The End Of GM As We Know It

5/28/09: Is This The Plan For The Auto Industry?

5/27/09: Like A Rock… Not So Much

5/9/09: And Then There Were Three

5/4/09: Everybody Open Your Hymnals To Section 363

4/30/09: Chrysler Goes To 11

4/24/09: Chrysler: June 6,1925- April/May 2009

The Great Recession

How’s the economy doing? Is it getting better or worse or leveling off?

3/4/11: Is It Good News? Is Really, After All This Time, Good News?

2/15/11: Our Bubbles Keep Bursting

2/4/11: There’s Something Strange In The Numbers Here, Waiter

1/14/11: Danger, Danger, Will Robinson! (Predictable Headline #424)

1/7/11: And The Last Unemployment Report Of 2010 Says…

12/6/10: We All Get Punched In The Gut

9/5/10: Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Work Your Magic On Us

8/30/10: Helicopter Ben Now In Holding Pattern, Neutral In Tone

8/27/10: Real Good News? Really? No, Not Really

8/25/10: And Then We Plunge…

8/14/10: Today’s Color On Our Color-Coded Economy Chart: Silver

8/6/10: This Summer Is Hot, Full Of Oil, And Jobless

8/3/10: Krugman Has A Deflation Tattoo On His Chest?

8/1/10: This Is Why We Were All So Focused On Chelsea’s Wedding: All The Bad News

7/21/10: Well, If Andrew Breitbart Had Film Of Bernanke Speaking, We Would Have All Paid Attention

7/14/10: The Screaming Of The Charts

7/11/10: This Young Man In The New York Times Article Needs But One Word… Plastics

7/5/10: It’s Not Getting Better All This Time

6/23/10: A Blog Post For Your Interest

6/22/10: China’s Going All Bendy On Us

6/7/10: And The Circle Is Complete, With Gluts And Missing Inner Keynesians

6/4/10: Join The Census, See Your Neighborhood, Get Laid Off In The Near Future

5/27/10: Now I’m Free… Free Falling…

5/17/10: I Am Greece… I Am Greece… I Am Greece

5/7/10: Fat Fingers Dance On The Keyboard And We All Take The Plunge

4/23/10: You And Uncle Sam Buy That Nice Ranch With The Curb Appeal

4/15/10: Grey Economics Are Gonna Clear Up, Put On A Happy Face

4/6/10: The Green Depends On Whether You’re Red Or Blue, Part II

4/2/10: Today Is The Day We Update Our Charts

4/1/10: I’d Like To Be Under The Sea, In A Commercial Mortgage Garden In The Shade

3/24/10: Beat On The New York Times Columnist With A Baseball Bat

3/24/10: Evidence Of Inflation Unseen

2/5/10: We Lost Jobs, But Unemployment Declined: Go Figure

1/29/10: You Down With The GDP (Yeah, You Know Me)

1/27/10: All The Kewl Kids In Switzerland Still Drinking Expensive Wine

1/25/10: Dodo Me?!?, No, Dodo You!

1/25/10: That’s A Big Key In The Mail

12/31/09: Should The Last Post Of 2009 Be On Unemployment Numbers? What Subject Would Be More Appropriate?

12/23/09: Riding The Housing Data See-Saw

12/11/09: What The Fat Paycheck Is At

12/4/09: Somewhat Less Stressful Days Appear To Have Returned, Possibly

12/3/09: It Is Actually More Amazing That 21% Of Americans Know Who Ben Bernanke Is

11/30/09: So It Wasn’t Really The End Of Welfare As We Knew It

11/27/09: Hard Times In Emerald City

11/20/09: Bring Out Your Unemployment Numbers!

11/17/09: No Jobs, Wasting Away, In Margaritaville

11/16/09: Krugman’s Record Player Is Broken And The Troubleshooting Guide Is In Chinese

11/6/09: Those Digits Go Double

11/2/09: I’ll Take An Order Of 1,000 Widgets, 500 In Chocolate, 500 In Cherry Garcia

11/1/09: The Seventh Seal, The Eleventh Chapter

10/29/09: Let’s Get The Party Started, People!

10/22/09: Dollars For Drudge, Trilateral Commission For Drum

10/2/09: There Be No Jobs Here

9/22/09: Rain On Your Wedding Day Isn’t Ironic… It’s Just A Bummer

9/15/09: Look For The Silver Lining In The Carbon Cloud

9/8/09: Ah, But Does Inflation Suck Worse Than Disco? See, There Were Worse Things In The 70s

9/4/09: Will Put Together A Post On Unemployment For Food

8/24/09: Dr. Doom Forecasts… Well, Um… Doom

8/12/09: Ben Bernanke, He’s So Fine, He’s So Fine He Blows My Mind, Ben Bernanke! Ben Bernanke!

8/7/09: As Professor Farnsworth Would Say, “Good News, Everyone!” Or “Eewah?”

8/3/09: We May Not Be Able To Mess With Texas, But We Will Blog About It

7/31/09: Recession Is Over (If You Want It)

7/23/09: Buy The Dream House Now, Before The Dream Is Over

7/10/09: The Green Depends On Whether You’re Red Or Blue

7/3/09: The Macho Man East Nachos in His Pancho With The Head Honcho

7/2/09: Brother, Can You Spare Some Green Shoots

6/24/09: Don’t Worry, They Have Some Legos In The Bank

6/16/09: This Is What Happens When You Play A Woody Guthrie Record Backwards

6/12/09: Like A Cheese Spread, But Not Edible or Tasty

6/3/09: If “Back To The Future” Was Made Today, Marty McFly Goes Back To 1979

4/29/09: Henny Penny and the Leading Economic Indicators

Too Big Too Fail

What really happened in September 2008? What’s happening now? What the blogs have to say about the banks.

3/16/11: Wikileaks 2.0

12/15/10: On The Third Wednesday Of Christmas, My Wall Street Elite Gave To Me…

7/28/10: The Path, The Road, The Depression Not Taken

6/18/10: “Take A Load Off Fannie, Take A Load For Free, Take A Load Off Fannie, And You Put The Load Right On Me”

5/12/10: J.P. Morgan Is Dead And So Are A Bunch Of Presidents

5/6/10: The Secrets Of The Oracle And His Reserve, In Graph Form

4/27/10: The S-Word In The S-Committee

4/16/10: The Sacking Of The Vampire Squid

4/13/10: Banks Play Hid The Rancid Salami In The Hudson Castle

4/8/10: The Prophets Said We Would Blow Bubbles, The Maestro Gives Us Bubblicious

3/23/10: And Who Will Sandra Bullock Play In The Movie?

3/12/10: The Autopsy Report Shows Repo 105 In The Soul

3/8/10: “Picking On Poor Gretchen”

2/10/10: Petting The Fat Cats

2/9/10: Beware Goldman Sachs Bearing Gifts

2/4/10: Cuomo V. Lewis

1/25/10: The AIG Files: The Truth Is Out There

1/14/10: Would You Like Your Executives Rare, Medium-Rare, Or Well-Done?

1/11/10: Quick, Anyone, A Funny Blog Post Title About Charging Financial Institutions Fees

1/7/10: Meep, Meep, Mr. Geithner

1/4/09: Big Ben In The Dirty South

12/30/09: With Your Mind On Moving Your Money And Moving Your Money On Your Mind

12/28/09: Take A Load Off Fannie, Take A Load For Free

12/17/09: In Times Of Trouble, Turn To The Corporate Raider Rule

12/15/09: Banksta, Banksta

12/8/09: I’m Building A Shed, Where The Rain Gets In, And Stops My Mind From Wandering

12/7/09: All The Carp About The Tarp

11/17/09: Come Bailout In The Tulips With Me

10/27/09: The 100% And The Strippergram

10/26/09: Too Cliched To Keep Saying

10/22/09: Paying The Cost To Be The Boss

10/20/09: In A Hotel Room In Russia, Yakking With Your Buddies

10/17/09: Good That Their Sign Is Already Red

10/5/09: Larry Falls Asleep, Again And Again

9/14/09: Goodbye Lehman Brothers, Though I Never Knew You At All

8/31/09: We Gave Out The Underpants And Now We Collect Them

8/28/09: Get Big, Get Bigger, Can’t Fail

8/25/09: It Was One Year Ago Today, Milton Friedman Taught The Band To Play

8/14/09: Can The FDIC Eat 150 Banks In One Setting? Only If You Cover Them With Tobasco Sauce

7/28/09: Cash Rules Everything Around Me

7/13/09: There’s A Lot To Say About Goldman Sachs And Everybody’s Saying It

7/9/09: The Definition Of Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

6/26/09: Let’s Face The Bernanke And Dance

6/16/09: It May Be A Weird Institution, But It’s Our Weird Institution

6/5/09: Tim Geithner And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Assets

4/26/09: Stressing Over The Stress Tests? Or No Sweat?

4/23/09: My, The Shareholders Will Be Pissed…


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