Not Bills, Procedure

1/6/11: Mr. Smith May Not Be Coming To Washington, After All

12/10/10: Look, Children, It’s A Thing Spoke Of As Myth (An Actual Filibuster, Or Not)

12/9/10: They Make Their Voice Vote Heard

8/11/10: Senate Malfunction, What’s Your Dysfunction?

8/2/10: The Saucer Remains Cool

3/2/10: Yester-House, Yester-Senate, Yesterday

2/24/10: A Children’s Primer To The Various Points Of The Reconciliation Debate

12/21/09: Mr. Yglesias Goes To Washington Or The Filibuster Follies

Not Bills, People

Confirmations and such…

3/29/10: Playing Kickball And Swinging On The Swings

5/13/09: Filibustered!

In Committee

5/4/10: Eli Lake Gets The Scoop On The Soft

House Bills

What’s stirring in the House.


8/14/09: Cap And Trade: 2009-2009?

6/29/09: Do The Watusi-Markey One More Time

6/19/09: Get Dem Old Waxman-Markey Blues Again

6/4/09: We Can Talk Environment, We Can Talk Economics, We Can Talk International Relations

5/21/09: Tax, Cap and Roll

Other Bills

3/2/11: That Zany Zandi

2/25/11: It Is 1995 Again And We Are Wearing Doc Martens, Listening To Everclear

2/9/11: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise…

2/1/11: The Party Of No?

1/25/11: 2.5 Is The Number, Baby!

12/16/10: Congress After Dark, Where No One Can See What’s Going On

12/2/10: Gallus Gallus Domesticus Excrement

7/26/10: They Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Them

6/17/10: Campaign Finance Reform Doesn’t Kill People, People Kill People

3/17/10: Broadband Across America

12/11/09: Gordon Gekko Does Not Approve!

11/24/09: The Central Bank Blues, In C-Note Minor

10/13/09: Fran Drescher Is Loud And She Sits On A Big, Juicy Hamburger

10/10/09: Congresscritters Are Busy Critters, With All The Bill Writing And Amending And Such

8/3/09: Mr. Conservative And The Aircraft Carrier

7/28/09: Cash Rules Everything Around Me

7/15/09: A Thousand Points Of Light On Health Care, All Put Into One Post

7/13/09: We’re Banning Daryl Hannah Now?

5/29/09: The Sausage On The Peanut Butter

4/28/09: It’s Everywhere You Want To Be

Senate Bills


5/12/10: How Did John Kerry Find Time To Write A Bill With All The Blogging He’s Been Doing?

Financial Reform

7/19/10: Timmy And Lizzy, Having A Tizzy

7/15/10: FinReg Soon The Be More Than Just A Wonky Blogger’s Twitter Tag

7/11/10: Turn Your Prayer Books To Section 342, Where We Sing Of Offices Of Inclusion

6/30/10: Your Daily FinReg Centerfold

6/26/10: Straight Outta Conference

6/25/10: This Macaca Moment, So Different And So New

5/24/10: A Bill Either Too Big Or Not Big Enough Doesn’t Fail

5/19/10: Greatest Deliberative Body Or Lord Of The Flies?

5/13/10: Tough On Tuesday, Weak On Wednesday

5/10/10: FinReg Brings Us Back To Waterloo, Yet Again

4/28/10: All Night Long? No, That’s Way Past Their Bedtimes

4/27/10: Porno For Regulators

4/21/10: Blanche Depended On The Kindness Of Grassley

4/17/10: Bailouts Now, Bailouts Never, Bailouts Later, Bailouts Forever

3/18/10: Dodd’s The Word, Part II

3/2/10: Chris Dodd And The Piranhas

11/10/09: Dodd’s The Word

Other Bills

2/25/11: It Is 1995 Again And We Are Wearing Doc Martens, Listening To Everclear

12/22/10: Not Exactly A Moment Of Zen

12/20/10: DADT Dead, And Only Seventeen Years Old

12/16/10: Congress After Dark, Where No One Can See What’s Going On

12/8/10: What DREAMS May Come

7/27/10: DISCLOSE Dissed

7/26/10: They Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Them

7/22/10: They’ve Got No Energy For It

7/1/10: 4th Time Around

6/24/10: Frank Capra And The Austerity Pimps: Doo Wop Group From The Chambers Of The Senate

6/22/10: Here’s The Red Button That Nukes The Commies… Here’s The Switch That Kills The Internets

6/10/10: Senate Amendments Failing Do Not Make Make For Interesting Blog Post Titles

5/4/10: I Always Feel Like Somebody’s IDing Me

4/26/10: Liberals Bloggers Let Loose About Lindsey

3/23/10: The Future Of Bipartisan Legislation Is Cloudy, With A Slight Chance Of Immigration Reform

2/23/10: What Is The Sound Of Thousands Of Conservatives De-Friending Scott Brown On Facebook?

2/11/10: Get Nekkid With Harry Reid Or; We Spent Those College Years Being Bi-Partisan Curious And We’re Done Now

10/10/09: Congresscritters Are Busy Critters, With All The Bill Writing And Amending And Such

7/19/09: EFCA Gets A Shave And A Haircut, Two Bits

6/16/09: When The CBO Scores, The Whole World Stops Turning


11/30/10: Congress, Can You Hear Me? Can You Feel Me Near You?

3/16/10: Lend Me Your Ears, And I’ll Sing You A Song

State Laws/Local Laws

3/10/11: Updates On The Cheeseheads

3/7/11: Cheddar Revolution: Moldy Yet?

2/22/11: The Continued News Out Of Madison…

2/17/11: The Word From Madison, Wisconsin

2/16/11: Talkin’ Bout South Dakota House Bill 1171

7/30/10: What A Bunch Of College Dropouts!

7/15/10: Big Brother And The Hamster Company

3/15/10: The Assault On Salt

General Posts

Looking at how the sausage gets made, one blog post at a time.

9/29/09: My Lucky Strike Tastes Of Freedom And Day-Old Coffee Grinds

9/24/09: They Say Read It. Read It Good.

6/16/09: It May Be A Weird Institution, But It’s Our Weird Institution

6/12/09: As Ramona Quimby Would Write, “No Smo King”

5/11/09: A Blog Post For Your Health

4/24/09: Making Sausage

Health Care

Will it pass? Or is this the early 90s all over again?

1/19/11: Today We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 2009

3/25/10: Not So Reconciled

3/21/10: H.R. 4872

3/18/10: We Remember, With Great Fondness, Our First Post On Health Care’s CBO Score. This May Be The Last One

3/17/10: He Was Against It Before He Was For It

3/16/10: Slaughterhouse 435

3/15/10: Health Care In The Night, Exchanging Glances

3/12/10: George Clinton Has Spoken And Someone’s Been Hit With The Bop Gun

3/9/10: The Count Where Everybody Counts

3/4/10: I’ll Make Your Brother An Offer He Can’t Refuse

3/2/10: Either They Gather Their Peeps Or They’ll Have Egg On Their Face

2/25/10: Bob Costas Will Come On Later And Give Us The Day’s Medal Count

2/24/10: A Children’s Primer To The Various Points Of The Reconciliation Debate

2/22/10: And Now For Something New: This Really Is Obamacare

2/8/10: On The 25th Day Of February, My Political Opponents Gave To Me…

1/29/10: Rahm Speaks To The Times

1/27/10: Everyone’s Running Around Like A Health Care Bill With Its Head Cut Off

1/23/10: Choose Your Own Health Care Conundrum Solution

1/21/10: The Phrase “At This Time” Is Parsed, And Parsed, And Parsed

1/18/10: Snatching Something Out Of The Jaws Of Something

1/14/10: Brand New Cadillac Will Get The Excise Tax

1/8/10: Five Out Of Five Bloggers Recommend Disclosure

1/5/10: CSPAN’s Rockin’ Health Care Negotiations With Ryan Seacrest

1/4/10: And Financial Regulation Will Pass Via A Game Of Foosball

12/29/09: The Death Panels, The CBO, And Other Greatest Hits Of 2009

12/24/09: I Saw A Health Care Bill Come Sailing In, On Christmas Eve In the Morning

12/21/09: 1 a.m. Eternal

12/19/09: The “Haw, Haws” Have It

12/17/09: Kill Bill Vol. 3 And The Progressive Blogosphere’s In-Fighting: Time To Answer Some Questions

12/16/09: You Made Me Promises Promises

12/15/09: It’s Dead, Jim, Part III

12/14/09: Sometimes, They Just Don’t Play Nicely At The Washington Post

12/14/09: Are You Surprised? Is Anyone Surprised?

12/11/09: It’s Like This And Like That And Like This And Uh

12/8/09: It’s Dead, Jim, Part II

11/30/09: Some New Original CBO Programming

11/23/09: The Laughter, The Tears, The Sausage-Making

11/22/09: Saturday Night Turned Out All Right For Fighting

11/19/09: Quiet Down, Harry Reid Has Something To Say

11/18/09: Do The Bartman

11/15/09: They Copied Their Homework From Wikipedia, They Did

11/12/09: Forget A Little Health Care And You Land In Jail

11/11/09: Ask Your Doctor If This Sweetheart Deal Is Right For You

11/7/09: Rumors On The Internets, At This Point

11/6/09: And Now It Is The GOP’s Turn

11/3/09: Livin’ On A Prayer

10/29/09: Is Health Care In The House? Is Health Care In The House?

10/27/09: Joe Says It Ain’t So

10/25/09: Don’t Follow Leaders, Watch The Parkin’ Meters

10/21/09: Today’s Health Care Debate Was Brought To You By The Letter E

10/20/09: The Summer Is Over And There Are Polls In October

10/13/09: Can You Taste It? It’s So Close, Can You Taste It?

10/12/09: Isn’t All This Fighting Bad For One’s Health?

10/7/09: The Biscuit Is In The Basket

10/6/09: Heavens To Betsy

10/5/09: What’s The Health Care News Across The Nation, We Have Got The Information

9/30/09: Oh, The Health Care Posts We’ve Had And Haven’t Had And Wish We Could Do

9/29/09: Explosions! Excitement! Boom! Boom!

9/26/09: There’s Always Been A Great Lack Of “Yo Momma” References In The Senate

9/23/09: We’ve Got Your Gaffes Right Here, Part #4: The Classic Kinsley Edition, With Golden Rule Shadings

9/22/09: I Believe That Right To A Pygmy Horse Is In The Constitution, In The Fine Print Of the 18th Amendment

9/16/09: Andrew Sullivan And Megan McArdle Have A Conversation About Medicare Part D

9/16/09: Mad Max Beyond Public Option, Part II

9/9/09: A Health Care Posts With A Bunch Of Pretty Pictures Of Presidents Preaching To Politicians Past (Say That Three Times Fast)

9/7/09: Mad Max Beyond Public Option

9/5/09: Process Stories

9/3/09: They Eat Fingers, Don’t They?

9/3/09: On Top Of Mount Olympia, All Covered With Snowe

8/31/09: Playing Poker With The Gang, Sending Your Ante By Air-Gram

8/26/09: Ruth Marcus Chats With Chuck Grassley

8/22/09: And Now, Your Moment Of Death Panel Zen

8/20/09: The Banana Split Reconciles And Goes Nuclear, Eating Grandma Along The Way

8/19/09: “As A Usenet Discussion Grows Longer, The Probability Of A Comparison Involving Nazis Or Hitler Approaches 1.”

8/18/09: Doesn’t Quite Have That Cesar Chavez Feel To It

8/17/09: Does This Mean I Can Sign Up For A Weekend Shift As An Anesthesiologist In Exchange For Cheap Organic Chewing Gum?

8/16/09: It’s Dead, Jim

8/13/09: The Numbers Are Coming In

8/12/09: Hawking Is Alive And Other British Stories

8/12/09: The Title Of This Blog Post Will Make No Reference To Any “Senior Moments,” As That Joke Is Beneath Us

8/11/09: Having A Rational Discussion About Rationing Is So Hard These Days

8/10/09: Liberté! Égalité! Confrérie! Aucune option publique! Justice pour Kenneth Gladney!

8/9/09: In This Corner, Scrappy Kid From Chi-Town, Barry Obama! And In The Other Corner, The Elephant From “Real America,” The Republican Party! Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

8/4/09: Grazin’ In The Grass Is A Gas, Baby, Can You Dig It?

7/28/09: 6 To The Nth Degree

7/27/09: There Are Only So Many Funny Titles One Can Come Up With For Posts About Health Care. This Isn’t One Of Them

7/23/09: Nobody Likes Him, Everybody Hates Him, I Guess He’ll Go Eat Some Worms

7/23/09: Break Out The Jujubes: We Have Multiple Blogger Fighting Here

7/20/09: We Spin Health Care Right Round, Baby, Right Round Like A Record, Baby, Right Round Round Round

7/15/09: A Thousand Points Of Light On Health Care, All Put Into One Post

7/7/09: Does One Missing Finger Know What The Other Fingers Are Doing?

7/1/09: Wal-Mart Surprises Some, But Not Others

6/30/09: We’ve Looked At Health Care Reform From All Sides Now

6/24/09: The Public Option, My Friend, Is Blowing In The Wind

6/16/09: Most Americans Get Their News… You Know The Rest

6/16/09: When The CBO Scores, The Whole World Stops Turning

6/11/09: That’s A “No” Vote, I Presume

6/8/09: The Orszag-man Cometh

6/5/09: Letters. We Get Your Letters.

6/2/09: It’s All About The Benjamins

5/11/09: A Blog Post For Your Health


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