Military Issues



8/13/10: Gates Breaks Out The Scissors

5/16/10: Getting Out The Old Ouija Board To Summon Father Eisenhower

7/16/09: It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane… It’s A Debate About Military Spending

Women In The Military

12/26/09: A Court-Martial For Diaper Duty


5/28/10: The Code Name For This Blog Post Is Guacamole

4/27/10: The Quote Of The Day Is: “PowerPoint Makes Us Stupid”

4/1/10: Did Malthus Do Any Work On Island Tipping?

1/31/10: QDR-Mania

12/5/09: When The Tanks Come Rolling In


10/17/09: Uncle Sam Whips Out His Calculator

Congress And The Military

2/25/11: “My Job Is Psy-ops Is Play With People’s Hands, To Get The Enemy To Behave The Way We Want Them To Behave.”

10/10/09: Congresscritters Are Busy Critters, With All The Bill Writing And Amending And Such

Gays In The Military

12/20/10: DADT Dead, And Only Seventeen Years Old

12/10/10: Asking, Telling, Continuing

11/30/10: “We Have A Gay Guy. He’s Big, He’s Mean, And He Kills Lots Of Bad Guys. No One Cared That He Was Gay.”

5/25/10: D.A.D.T. D.E.A.D.?

5/15/10: Milbloggers Release A Statement

3/26/10: Ease On Down, Ease On Down The Road

2/2/10: Bloggers Both Ask And Tell

10/11/09: Speeches Were Given, Tomatoes Were Thrown

10/3/09: Andrew Sullivan And Isaac Chotiner Have Some Words For James Bowman


6/4/10: I Love The Smell Of Drones In The Morning

5/3/10: A Weapon System Not Yet Out of Short Pants

4/6/10: The Right On The Right To Bear Arms. Really, Really Big And Powerful Arms.

3/29/10: The Nukes Are Getting Nuked

1/20/10: Jesus Don’t Want Me For An Uzi

1/15/10: Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

10/20/09: Solution: Geoengineer Trees That Will Eat Electromagnetic Pulses

9/18/09: This Time Is Exactly Like That Time, Except In The Ways It Is Not

9/17/09: We’re Canceling Our Order Of Fries

8/28/09: How Does On Say “Gimme Shelter” In Polish?

8/8/09: Hiroshima Mon Amour

8/3/09: Mr. Conservative And The Aircraft Carrier

7/22/09: An Umbrella To Protect From The Hard Rain That’s A-Gonna Fall

7/16/09: It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane… It’s A Debate About Military Spending

7/7/09: From Russia, Without Nukes

Military Figures

3/7/11: The Continued Case Of Bradley Manning

8/21/10: “I’m Pat F*cking Tillman.”

8/18/10: Robert Gates Resets His Clock

6/23/10: Like A Rolling Stone, Part II

6/22/10: Like A Rolling Stone

6/15/10: John McCain Is One Tough Questioner

6/7/10: Wikiarrest

3/15/10: Petraeus Hits The White House With A Bombshell, But Not In The Way You Think

12/16/09: In The Dark

11/25/09: Debating Wrist Slaps

10/5/09: The Sound, The Fury, The President, And The General

8/27/09: Take My Air Force, Please

7/2o/09: The War Continues On All Sides

6/14/09: General Jones And Me


3/3/11: Rest In Peace, Frank Buckles

8/24/10: Governor Moonbeam And The Color Pink

5/31/10: Arguments Commence Over The Best Way To Remember, Over The BBQ Grill

10/29/09: The President Went To Dover

10/8/09: Across The Desert, Listening To The Supremes

7/4/09: The Revolution Was Not Televised

6/7/09: The Invasion of Normandy Looks Good For 65

5/26/09: The Grapes of Wreath

5/26/09: World’s Oldest Pundit Strikes Again

Relations With The Obama Administration

3/18/10: Wave That Flag, Wave It Wide And High

4/25/09: First J-Lo, Then K-Lo, Now Ja-No…


1/23/10:  Returning, For A Moment, To Fort Hood…

11/5/09:  Tragedy In Texas

6/1/09:  The Crazy Continues…


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