The Constitution


Art. 1, Sec. 8

2/23/11: The Asteroid Can Hit If It Means We No Longer Have To Listen To Bad Aerosmith Songs

12/20/10: Talking About The Clause… No, Not That Claus

12/13/10: Virginia Is Not For Lovers Of A Mandate

8/2/10: And So, It Begins…

2/3/10: Sympathy For The Record Industry

Art. 3

8/16/10: Felix Frankfurter, You Are Outta There!

Court Rules

12/8/10: Walmart Woes

3/1/10: The Uighurs And The Supremes

1/16/10: Accompanying Art Not Provided


12/3/10: There Is No Dana, Only Repeal

2/2/10: “The Continuation Of The Scheme”

10/10/09: Hang It In The Smithsonian Next To That Picture Of Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.

Patent Law

4/3/10: Go Patent Yourself!

Legal Theories

4/15/10: Apply The Law, Make The Law, Stone The Law

6/25/09: But How Would Originalism Apply To The Jon And Kate Divorce Proceedings?

First Amendment

Speech, religion, that kind of thing…

3/3/11: By The Way, This May Be The First Time The Phrase “Getting Up In The Grill” Was Used At The Supreme Court

7/17/10: I Hear The Sound Of Laughter From A Soul Stuck On The Roof

6/28/10: Not-So-Sweet Charity

6/17/10: Campaign Finance Reform Doesn’t Kill People, People Kill People

4/20/10: Fido’s Bark Sounds Suspiciously Like “Activist Judges!”

3/31/10: Cartoon Wars: Episode V- The Academia Strikes Back

1/21/10: Pop Some Popcorn: We Finally Get To See The Hillary Movie

10/13/09: Fran Drescher Is Loud And She Sits On A Big, Juicy Hamburger

10/8/09: Across The Desert, Listening To The Supremes

9/17/09: People Who Need People Have A Charter In Delaware

8/27/09: Yes, John Jay Called Alexander Hamilton A “Skank” In The Federalist Papers. This Is One Of The Things They Don’t Teach You In History Class.

8/16/09: Shouting Murder Threats In A Crowded Internet

7/1/09: FEC, Easy As 1,2,3

5/12/09: What Would A Corporation Under “Joy Induced Stupor” Look Like?

4/28/09: Curses!

Second Amendment

The right to tank tops?

9/30/09: Old McDonald Had A Supreme Court Case, E-I-E-I-O

Fourth Amendment

Thank you for flying the US Constitution, search or seizure?

3/31/10: Sign The Ticket Or You’re In For A Shock

4/22/09: Supremely Searching

Fifth Amendment

6/2/10: Some Say Gutted, Some Say Pruned

11/9/09: Little Pink Houses, For Pfizer And Me

Sixth Amendment

6/6/10: The Past Is Not So Past, After All

Eighth Amendment

5/17/10: The Kids Are Alright

Tenth Amendment

7/9/10: And Now The Left Picks Up That Old Tenth Amendment

Fourteenth Amendment

Substantive or Procedural?

3/14/11: Governors Are Doing All Kinds Of Things Out There

1/4/11: “There’s Nothing In The Constitution About That.”

8/6/10: Number 14… Number 14… Number 14

7/9/10: And Now The Left Picks Up That Old Tenth Amendment

1/27/10: Dial “A” For Assassination

6/29/09: The Confirmation Hearings Just Got More Interesting

6/18/09: Watson And Crick Get No Love From The Supremes

Necessary and Proper Clause

5/17/10: The Kids Are Alright

Habeas Corpus

8/20/09: The Troy Davis Case


11/4/09: It Came From Pottawattamie


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