General Africa Posts

12/9/10: AIDS In Africa, George W. Bush And Lady Gaga… But Not So Much Lady Gaga

12/22/09: A Not-So-Heartwarming Christmas Story

Democratic Republic Of Congo

8/11/09: “Two For The Price Of One” Gets An Awkward Encore


3/21/11: So, What Happened Over The Weekend?

3/7/11: Superfly, No Fly, The Fly, Fly Girls, Fly The Friendly Skies

3/1/11: Solution: Muammar Qaddafi Joins The Cast Of “Two And A Half Men”

2/22/11: Is It Gadhafi? Gaddafi? Quadaffi?

2/21/11: What The Hell Is Going On In Libya?

9/24/09: Diary Of A Mad Libyan Dictator

9/8/09: Hannibal Crosses The Alps And The Alps Climb To The Top Spot

8/21/09: The Quality Of Mercy, Strained Or Not Strained, Is Debated


3/8/10: What The Hell Is Happening In Nigeria?

8/1/09: That E-mail From Nigeria Might Be About More Than Money Right Now


9/1/10: Everything You Thought You Knew Was Wrong


12/2/09: Plunder And Booty At Three Dollars A Share

9/15/09: More Things Happen In The World Than Kanye West’s Mouth

South Africa

5/17/10: Postcards From The Hanging


1/10/11: Reporting In From Our Sudan Bureau…


1/24/11: It All Comes Back To the Bush

1/14/11: What The Hell Is Going On In Tunisia?


7/13/10: The Kampala Bombings And Remembering Nate Henn

12/1/09: Rick Warren And Uganda


4/22/10: And He Walked His Days Under African Skies


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