Global Hot Spots



8/13/09: If You Build It, They Will Change Their Undemocratic, Illiberal Ways

7/21/09: Unfortunately Lacking A Category For EPIC FAIL


3/21/11: So, What Happened Over The Weekend?

3/7/11: Superfly, No Fly, The Fly, Fly Girls, Fly The Friendly Skies

3/1/11: Solution: Muammar Qaddafi Joins The Cast Of “Two And A Half Men”

2/22/11: Is It Gadhafi? Gaddafi? Quadaffi?

2/21/11: What The Hell Is Going On In Libya?


5/25/10: Yes, We Had To Use A Bob Marley YouTube For This Post


4/18/10: Thailand Bloody Thailand


6/14/10: The Violence In Osh

4/7/10: Apparently, The Kyrgyzstan Government Has Just Been Overthrown. So, How Has Your Afternoon Been?


1/18/11: In The “It Never Rains, But It Pours” File

3/18/10: Wave That Flag, Wave It Wide And High

1/18/10: Wyclef Jean Presents The Charity

1/18/10: Many Different Thoughts About Haiti, Unrelated To The Tragedy

1/14/10: It’s Pat

1/13/10: “Haiti Is Dark, Phones Are Out, Buildings Are Falling…”


8/15/09: Now Jim Has An Excellent Adventure

8/11/09: The Lady And The Junta


3/8/10: What The Hell Is Happening In Nigeria?

8/1/09: That E-mail From Nigeria Might Be About More Than Money Right Now


10/30/09: Return Of The Zelaya

10/13/09: Harold And Honduras

6/28/09: Honduras, We Have A Problem

North Korea

12/21/10: Break Out The Still, Hawkeye, It Looks Like You Have To Go Back, Part II

5/19/10: Break Out The Still, Hawkeye, It Looks Like You Have To Go Back

8/4/09: Bill’s Excellent Adventure

7/8/09: Lil’ Kim Clogged Our Tubes

6/8/09: A Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes To Al Gore

6/1/09: Old Jokes Never Die, They Just Get Told Again And Again

5/25/09: Nuclear Ambition


12/2/09: Plunder And Booty At Three Dollars A Share

9/15/09: More Things Happen In The World Than Kanye West’s Mouth

Sri Lanka

5/17/09: The End Of The Tiger?


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