8/30/10: Try And Find Your Way Around Our Afghanistan Maze!

8/21/10: “I’m Pat F*cking Tillman.”

7/30/10: What Happens If We Publish This On Our Cover

7/26/10: Now That’s What I Call A Document Dump

7/2/10: You Can’t Spell “Corruption” Without “Afghanistan”

6/15/10: “I’m So Happy. Cause Today I Found My Friends.”

6/14/10: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Diem, I Mean, Karzai, Part II

5/19/10: Bagram Blues

5/13/10: Playing Nice (And Looking For The Rock?)

4/7/10: How Do You Solve A Porblem Like Diem, I Mean, Karzai?

4/5/10: There Was A Very Heavy Fog Of War Today

3/16/10: Mr. Furlong And The Weird Shell Games

1/18/10: Kabul Attacked By Taliban

12/31/09: A Bad Day For The CIA

12/16/09: One Of The Longest Running Beefs In The Blogosphere Continues…

11/20/09: We’re Just Mild About Hamid

11/2/09: Hamid Karzai Wins, Just Like The Yankees

10/28/09: The Web We Have Weaved Is Tangled And Full Of CIA Peoples

10/27/09: The Matthew Hoh Situation

9/8/09: All The World Is A Hanging Chad

9/6/09: The ESPNZone of Empires, The Applebees of Imperial Powers, The Outback Steakhouse of Global Hegemons

9/2/09: At The End Of The Day, Gawker Holds The Conch Shell

8/17/09: Give ‘Em Hell, Hamid!

7/2o/09: The War Continues On All Sides

7/2/09:  Turn Your Lonely Eyes To Afghanistan For A Moment


What to do and how to do it.

3/17/11: Boss Hogg Says Something Interesting

2/28/11: We Got Them Pech Valley Blues

12/14/10: “You’ve Got To Stop This War In Afghanistan.” Richard Holbrooke: 1941-2010

7/9/10: Come Up To The Table, And We’ll Argue Whether To Stay Or Go

7/2/10: We’re Steele Having Fun And He’s Steele The One

6/23/10: Like A Rolling Stone, Part II

6/22/10: Like A Rolling Stone

12/5/09: Are There Doves Sitting On The Elephant’s Shoulder?

12/2/09: On The Day After…

11/30/09: On The Day Before…

11/24/09: We Know What He’s Going To Do Before He Actually Does It!

11/22/09: Putting The Iraq Into Afghanistan

11/12/09: In The Background, The “Jeopardy” Theme Song Plays Softly

11/8/09: The Number Will Be Anywhere From 0 To 2,000,000,000

10/31/09: David Brooks Like His Breakfast With Grits; Liberal Bloggers Eat David Brooks For Breakfast

10/22/09: Mr. Cheney Has Words For Mr. Obama

10/19/09: The Fill In The Blank Foreign Policy

10/7/09: No Reduction Sauce For This Goose

10/5/09: The Sound, The Fury, The President, And The General

9/26/09: Our Mr. Brooks

9/21/09: Our Corn Flakes Are On Fire

9/16/09: We’ve Got The Metrics, People!!! Metrics!!!

9/7/09: The George Will Schism In The Conservative Movement: NRO Edition

8/31/09: Three Men And Afghanistan

8/12/09: So Afghanistan Is Like… Porn?

7/29/09: Out Of The Iraqpan Into The Afghanfire With A Dash Of Philippines For Seasoning

5/18/09: These Are Not The Drones You’re Looking For

5/12/09: But Robert Gates Will Quote Donald Trump

bin Laden/al-Qaida

He’s in those mountains somewhere…

8/31/10: Ten Years After…

7/6/10: “Make A Bomb In The Kitchen Of Your Mom” Was A Dead Kennedys Single, Was It Not?

6/18/10: The Sound And The Night Goggles

5/11/10: Still I Look To Find A Reason To Believe

3/8/10: Someone Is In Custody, But Who They Are, We Don’t Know

1/24/10: Lift The Needle, His Record Is Skipping

11/29/09: Bush, Kerry, bin Laden… Your Tora Bora Updates

10/18/09: Sunday In Spencer Ackerman’s Wheelhouse

9/11/09: Eight Years Forward And Good News On The Evil-Doers Ability To Hire

4/27/09: Sadly, no


3/17/11: The Raymond Davis Case

3/4/11: The Death Of Shabaz Bhatti

9/8/10: Ah, Another Scandal In Another Sport, But This One We Americans Don’t Care About

8/21/10: No Telethon, No Tweetathon, No Nothing

7/26/10: Now That’s What I Call A Document Dump

6/4/10: I Love The Smell Of Drones In The Morning

3/16/10: Mr. Furlong And The Weird Shell Games

3/8/10: Someone Is In Custody, But Who They Are, We Don’t Know

12/16/09: One Of The Longest Running Beefs In The Blogosphere Continues…

10/15/09: Pakistan: What’s Going On In Lahore?

8/16/09: Are You Sleeping Soundly At Night? Well, We Can Change That

8/8/09:  He’s The Terrorist Version of Abe Vigoda

7/22/09:  We Are Sure He Will Use The “Twinkie” Defense

5/30/09:  Mingora Mambo

4/24/09:  What The Hell Is Going On In Pakistan?


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