Homeland Security


5/1/10: Attempted Times Square Bombing

5/4/10: And These Visions Of Miranda That Conquer My Mind

5/2/10: On The Avenue I’m Taking You To, Forty-Fifth Street

12/25/09: Attempted Airplane Bombing

2/9/10: They Write Op-Eds, Too, Part II

2/3/10: Miranda & The Family

1/11/10: Don’t Fear The Underwear

1/3/10: Cheery Topics For The First Sunday Of The New Decade

1/2/10: Get Yr Homeland Security Briefing On

12/30/09: Do The Nominees Get To Hear Muzak When Senators Place Them On Hold?

12/30/09: I’m Looking Through You

12/29/09: Will 2010 Be The Year Of Yemen?

12/26/09: Fire In The Air

Homeland Secured?

Success in the war on terror

3/10/10: Apparently, She Was Also The Crazy Cat Lady

3/8/10: Someone Is In Custody, But Who They Are, We Don’t Know

12/24/09: That’s Not Santa On Their Roof

How To Secure The Homeland

3/11/11: The King Hearings… A Small Sampling

2/9/11: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise…

6/28/10: Not-So-Sweet Charity

6/1/10: The Lack Of Preparation And Focus On The Imminent Zombie Problem Is Disturbing

5/28/10: The Code Name For This Blog Post Is Guacamole

5/3/10: Mr. Subpoena Risen, Mr. Subpoena Risen, Gotten Subpoena Risen

4/20/10: Oh My God! They Indicted Kenny!… You Bastards!

3/19/10: The Word Of The Day Is “Grahamanuel”

2/25/10: Mr. Toyoda And Eric Cartman

2/10/10: Well, I Never Been To Spain

1/4/10: They Look Just Like Good Old Harry And Ike

7/27/09: We Will Be Greeted As Liberators And Showered With Hot Wings

7/14/09: The Hits Just Keep On Coming

7/2/09: We Thought Only Batman Could Save Us Now

6/15/09: May I See Your ID, Please?

Causes For Concern

Whether it is a false alarm or a five alarm panic, posts on things that worry us involving terrorism or potential terrorism.

1/4/11: A Church Bombing In Egypt

12/13/10: The News Out Of Stockholm

8/31/10: The Pepto And The Dry Run

8/30/10: And Tying It All Up With A Pretty Bow, Reality Television

7/19/10: “Top Secret America” Burning Up The Tubes

7/13/10: The Kampala Bombings And Remembering Nate Henn

5/25/10: Video Killed The JihadTube Star

4/29/10: First They Went For Hatfill, Then They Went For Ivins…

4/8/10: Several Timelines And Blog Posts About Smokin’ In The Boys Room

3/5/10:  Throwing The Car Into Reverse

1/23/10:  Returning, For A Moment, To Fort Hood…

1/5/10: Michael Yon And Joan Rivers: First And Last Time In A News Story Together

12/9/09: Take Off Your Shoes, Belt, Open Your Bag, Post Procedures On The Internet

11/19/09: You Have The Right To Remain Silent, Anything You Say Can Be Covered by C-Span

11/13/09: The Real Trial Of The Century

11/9/09:  What We Are Talking About When We Say Certain Words, Part II

9/19/09: And The Colorado Rocky Mountain High

8/20/09: Orange Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair

4/28/09: The Photo-Op From Hell


8/31/10: Ten Years After…

6/7/10: Wikiarrest

Janet Napolitano

A controversial figure, especially on the right. All the chatter about the DHS Secretary.

12/29/09: Dammit, Janet

4/25/09: First J-Lo, Then K-Lo, Now Ja-No…


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