Iraq In General

1/6/11: 2004 Comin’ Right Back At Ya

1/25/10: Two Iraq Items: Chemical Ali Finally Dead And Three Bombings In Baghdad

Iraq and Iran

12/18/09: This 80s Rerun Is Unwanted

Iraq’s Government

3/27/10: What’s The Arabic Translation Of Dewey Beats Truman?

3/7/10: 2003 Comin’ Right Back At Ya

12/21/09: It Is Not 2004 Anymore, Son

11/18/09: Where It’s At: I Got Two VPs And A Veto

Bush and Iraq: 2003-2009

2/21/11: Huh, Don’t Trust Someone Named Curveball. Got It.

1/24/11: It All Comes Back To the Bush

6/30/10: Greenwald And Goldberg Go The Full Godwin On Hump Day

4/5/10: There Was A Very Heavy Fog Of War Today

3/13/10: Shake, Shake, Shake… Shake, Shake, Shake… Shake Your Green Zone, Shake Your Green Zone

3/7/10: 2003 Comin’ Right Back At Ya

2/1/10: The Blog Post In Which We Discuss The Chilcot Inquiry

12/13/09: Tony! Toni! Tone!

11/10/09: “I Don’t Care What You Write” Is The Quote Of The Day

5/17/09: “Stuff Happens” -Rumsfeld 412:2003

The Iraq War

9/1/10: The End? Part II: Speech, Speech, Speech!

8/20/10: The End?

8/2/10: Not Only Are The 1980s Over, Apparently The 2000s Ended Today As Well

8/1/10: What’s A Billion Here Or A Billion There Between Friends?

5/11/10: The Textile Factory Is Not Times Square

5/1/10: As Atrios Says, “Meanwhile… Over There,” Part II

3/3/10: Bombs In Baqubah

2/24/10: Bringing It All Back Home Or Back To The Iraq Future

2/1/10: The Blog Post In Which We Discuss The Chilcot Inquiry

12/8/09: While You Were Watching The Continuing Tiger Woods Saga…

11/25/09: Debating Wrist Slaps

11/23/09: Turns Out, The British Have Leaks, Too

10/26/09: Back In The I.R.A.Q.

9/7/09: The George Will Schism In The Conservative Movement: NRO Edition

8/19/09: In The Club, They’re Playing “Bombs Over Baghdad” Again

8/10/09: No Fast Forward Button To See How This Movie Ends

8/5/09: All Princes Are Alike: They May Change Their Name To Something Odd, But We Always Remember Them As Prince

7/29/09: Out Of The Iraqpan Into The Afghanfire With A Dash Of Philippines For Seasoning

7/24/09: Mr. al-Maliki Goes To Washington

6/30/09: We’ve Packed Our Toothbrush and Our Slippers

6/25/09: As Atrios Says, “Meanwhile… Over There”


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