Torture Itself

3/15/11: Ah, Paging Mike Kinsley…

3/7/11: The Continued Case Of Bradley Manning

1/26/11: Fun With Jane And David

12/17/10: While All The World’s Eyes Remain On Assange…

6/10/10: Ominous When Bloggers Bring Out The Nuremberg Code

5/5/10: The Omar Khadr Trial

5/1/10: As Atrios Says, “Meanwhile… Over There,” Part II

4/21/10: The C.I.A. Presents Gross And Rodriguez’s Laugh-In

10/23/09: Automatic For The Prisoners


8/23/09: Render Unto Caesar The Things Which Are Caesar’s

A History of Torture

What happened in the past? What incidents in history can guide us now?

2/10/10: Well, I Never Been To Spain

5/1/09: You Dropped The Bomb On Me

Prosecution or Persecution?

The question hardens on partisan lines. What do we do next?

9/3/09: It Was Predictable and It Was Predictable, Part II

8/24/09: The Torture Never Stops

4/25/09: It Was Predictable And It Was Predictable

4/23/09: Torture Prosecutions: Several Views

What We Argue About When We Are Arguing About Torture

How does this debate get framed? Is it about whether torture works? Or  deeper moral questions?

7/5/10: These Colors Don’t Torture, They Just Waterboard

3/11/10: Everything Is For Dummies, Now

2/11/10: The UK Has Torture And Civil Liberties Discussions, Too

2/10/10: Well, I Never Been To Spain

1/3/10: Cheery Topics For The First Sunday Of The New Decade

8/29/09: There Will Be A Test After This Terrorist Tutorial

5/19/09: Conor Friedersdorf and Andy McCarthy Have A Conversation

5/12/09: People For The Ethical Treatment Of Data

4/27/09: Center-Right, Right-Wing Bloggers On Torture Arguments, Part 2

4/22/09: Center-Right, Right-Wing Bloggers On Torture Arguments

The Commentary on The Commentary

What people are saying and what people are saying about what people are saying:

3/27/10: Mayer v. Thiessen: The Left Sphere Sings “Sweet Jane”

2/23/10: Memorandum, Mon Amour

1/28/10: Kiriakou Changes His Story

1/13/10: Let Us Speak Of Late Night Show Hosts Not Named Leno Or O’Brien

8/30/09: Don’t Fear The Minotaur

8/25/09: Sax And Violins In Movies, Part 428

5/29/09: Taguba, The Telegraph and Torture

5/15/09: We Do/Do Not Torture: The Lawrence Wilkerson Debate

5/14/09: Nancy Does Not Have A Laughing Face

5/13/09: Bill Kristol Has A DeLorean

5/8/09: Nancy In A Pickle

4/30/09: They Did/Did Not Torture: The Guardian Article Debate

4/21/09: We Do/Do Not Torture: The Philip Zelikow Debate

4/21/09: We Do/Do Not Torture: The Mark Thiessen Debate


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