International Institutions



5/10/10: Greece Is Lehman… No, Greece Is California… No, Greece Is On Fire… No, Greece Is Getting “Shock And Awe”

10/4/09: The Irish Vote, Yes They Do

10/1/09: We Are All European Union Reports Now

International Whaling Commission

6/9/10: Don’t Come Crying To Me, Mr. President, When A Probe Comes And Sucks Up Our Oceans


9/25/09: This Has Been A Week Of Meetings, Delicious Meetings

World Economic Forum

1/27/10: All The Kewl Kids In Switzerland Still Drinking Expensive Wine

9/8/09: Hannibal Crosses The Alps And The Alps Climb To The Top Spot

World Trade Organization

9/14/09: Buy American Tires Or The Baby Gets Run Over By A Hummer!

7/21/09: See My Vest, Made From Real Gorilla Chest

Other NGOs

10/23/09: The Juice Is Out Of The Box, Flowing Into The Streets

10/6/09: Who’s Defunding The Watchers?

7/15/09: A Stew Of Acronyms With A Big Meatball Of Human Rights

Possible Agreements

Agreements in the works and agreements that might or should be in the works.

4/28/10: Greece Is Melting, Euro Is Falling, Germany Is Angering…

3/11/10: A Scattering Of Blog Posts Concerning Greece, Germany, And EMF

6/4/09: We Can Talk Environment, We Can Talk Economics, We Can Talk International Relations


All the posts about the United Nations and the various off-shoots and bodies within.

2/18/11: Statements And Resolutions… Wasn’t That A Paul Simon Song?

12/29/10: I, For One, Welcome Our Last 2010 Obama Scandal

9/1/10: Everything You Thought You Knew Was Wrong

6/11/10: Let Us Learn What The Weekly Standard Has Learned

6/9/10: More Voting, But Not Involving Mickey Kaus Or Orly Taitz

6/4/10: I Love The Smell Of Drones In The Morning

3/30/10: Iran And The Bomb, Part 3495

1/14/10: Weapons Inspectors Back In The News

12/9/09: In Denmark, A Smorgasbord Is Called A Kolde Bord. With That In Mind, Here’s A Kolde Bord Of Posts Related To Climate Change And Kobenhavn

10/31/09: There Has Been A Lot Of Debates About The Goldstone Report And Here’s One More

9/24/09: We Don’t Have Pictures Handy, But We’re Going To Assume None Of These Bloggers Look Like Brad Pitt

9/24/09: Diary Of A Mad Libyan Dictator

8/4/09: Coo, Coo, Ca-Choo, Mrs. Robinson

6/22/09: Human Rights And Poverty: A Question Pondered

4/30/09: Who Needs The WHO?


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