General Middle East Matters



2/18/11: What The Hell Is Happening In Bahrain?


4/14/10: What A Load Of Scud


4/8/10: Several Timelines And Blog Posts About Smokin’ In The Boys Room


2/16/11: Lara Logan, Nir Rosen… Nothing Funny Here

2/11/11: Actually, He’s Really Gone Now. No, Seriously. Egypt Just Overthrew Its Government

2/10/11: He (We Gave Him Most Of Our Lives) Is Leaving (Sacrificed Most Of Our Lives)

2/8/11: Dump All Your Stock In Chalkboards Now!

2/7/11: Kenneth Cole Steps In It

2/4/11: Egypt, In Our Eyes

2/3/11: Continuing Egypt Coverage…

2/2/11: Things Fall Apart

2/1/11: Hosni, Hosni, Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye

1/31/11: Us And Egypt, Egypt And Us

1/28/11: Egypt On January 28th

1/26/11: What The Hell Is Going On In Egypt?

1/4/11: A Church Bombing In Egypt

3/17/10: What Do Hosni Murbarak And Jeff Goldblum Have In Common?


8/31/10: Ten Years After…

1/27/10: Dial “A” For Assassination

12/29/09: Will 2010 Be The Year Of Yemen?

12/24/09: That’s Not Santa On Their Roof


2/22/10: The Tennis Player, The Keystone Cops, And The British Passports

11/27/09: Hard Times In Emerald City

Saudi Arabia

3/15/11: Looking Away From Japan For One Moment…

2/11/11: Let’s Go Back To Wikileaks And Learn Something Interesting

6/16/10: The Enemy Of My Enemy Of My Enemy Of My Enemy…

10/14/09: Count How Many Blog Posts Had The Word “Chutzpah” In Them

7/15/09: A Stew Of Acronyms With A Big Meatball Of Human Rights

7/6/09: Joe Biden, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iran

America and The Middle East

11/29/10: Mele WikiLeakmaka Is The Thing To Say

1/27/10: Dial “A” For Assassination

12/17/09: Suck, Suck, Sucking On Civil War

10/6/09: I Got ‘Dem Ol Dollar Bill Blues Again, Mama!

7/22/09: An Umbrella To Protect From The Hard Rain That’s A-Gonna Fall

6/9/09: We All Flunked The Equivalency Test And Have To Go To Training

6/4/09: “Yes We Can” in Hieroglyphics

5/28/09: And The Crowd Will Shout For “Ripple”


1/12/11: And Now For News Other Than Sarah Palin…

8/3/10: The Tree In Lebanon

7/8/10: But What Did She Say About Matt Drudge?

6/7/09: So It Seems Hezbollah=Fail


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