Israel And Lebanon

8/3/10: The Tree In Lebanon


8/17/10: Say “Divest” In A Bahston Accent

7/21/10: Man Lied To Get A Woman Into Bed. In Other News, The Sky Is Blue.

The Conflict Between Israel And Palestine

2/18/11: Statements And Resolutions… Wasn’t That A Paul Simon Song?

8/24/10: Talking About The Talking About The Talking… Do You Feel Cynical Or Dizzy?

6/22/10: Flotilla And Consequences

5/31/10: The Flotilla And Seichel

4/6/10: Gamma Gamma Gaza Gaga

3/17/10: There Was A West Wing Episode About This, Me Thinks

9/22/09: Peas In Our Time

8/26/09: Hopey Gets His Mid-East Peace Deal On

8/9/09: We Argue Benefits And Who Benefits And Would You Have Opposed The American Revolution?

6/15/09: Bibi Makes A Speech

5/29/09: Well, Now That’s Settled

Israel and Iran

8/11/10: Barack, Bibi, And The Bomber Boys

6/16/10: The Enemy Of My Enemy Of My Enemy Of My Enemy…

1/21/10: Play The Game Called “Iran And Consequences”

11/2/09: Goldfarb, Goldberg, And Parsi: Not A Law Firm Or A Progressive Rock Group

8/26/09: Hopey Gets His Mid-East Peace Deal On

7/6/09: Joe Biden, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iran

5/28/09: The Amalek Controversy


2/22/10: The Tennis Player, The Keystone Cops, And The British Passports

5/5/09: Hamas In The News

People, People, People

Whose involved in this? Who has been? Posts on political figures from all sides.

6/6/10: She Was There For The Original J’Accuse

5/17/10: Postcards From The Hanging

5/3/10: Mearsheimer Makes A List

2/23/10: The California Senate Race And Israel

2/10/10: Michael Oren Goes To Irvine

12/29/09: Where’s The Pale An Have We Gone Beyond It?

11/9/09: Know When To Fold ‘Em

5/3/09: Ambassador Oren

America’s Role

Presidents have been trying to solve this situation since it began. There are points of view on all sides and it can get quite heated.

7/6/10: We Talked, We Laughed, We Quoted A Bit Of Mark Twain…

6/11/10: Let Us Learn What The Weekly Standard Has Learned

5/21/10: Peter Beinart Writes An Article

4/23/10: Senator Schumer Has Something To Say

3/24/10: Will You Be My Friend? Circle Y For Yes, Circle N For No

3/22/10: Hillary Gives A Speech Or This Post Has Nothing To Do With Health Care

3/15/10: Petraeus Hits The White House With A Bombshell, But Not In The Way You Think

3/10/10: When The Biden Comes To Town…

11/2/09: Goldfarb, Goldberg, And Parsi: Not A Law Firm Or A Progressive Rock Group

10/23/09: The Juice Is Out Of The Box, Flowing Into The Streets

10/21/09: The Wild, The Innocent & The J Street Shuffle

10/20/09: Dan Quayle Speechwriter Arrested (And Yeah, He Also Helped Find Water On The Moon)

8/21/09: Mr. Huckabee Goes To Israel

8/4/09: Coo, Coo, Ca-Choo, Mrs. Robinson

8/3/09: Self-Hating In The 90s And Today: A Primer

7/28/09: Lots Of Talk About Op-Eds About Talking

7/15/09: A Stew Of Acronyms With A Big Meatball Of Human Rights

7/15/09: Reflecting On Serious Self-Reflection

6/9/09: We All Flunked The Equivalency Test And Have To Go To Training

5/7/09: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Different Context

5/1/09: Dropping The Charges


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