The Americas



2/27/10: Looking For Harry Hopkins In All The Wrong Places


4/16/10: The Blog Posts Of Henry Kissinger

2/27/10: The Chilean Earthquake And The After Effects


6/3/10: Yet Against, Life Imitates “The West Wing”


1/18/11: In The “It Never Rains, But It Pours” File

8/12/10: “Everytime I Make A Run, Girl, You Turn Around And Cry”

3/18/10: Wave That Flag, Wave It Wide And High

1/18/10: Wyclef Jean Presents The Charity

1/18/10: Many Different Thoughts About Haiti, Unrelated To The Tragedy

1/14/10: It’s Pat

1/13/10: “Haiti Is Dark, Phones Are Out, Buildings Are Falling…”


10/30/09: Return Of The Zelaya

10/13/09: Harold And Honduras

6/28/09: Honduras, We Have A Problem


5/25/10: Yes, We Had To Use A Bob Marley YouTube For This Post


7/26/10: Two Ranches Near Laredo, Texas

5/10/10: Marilyn Manson T-Shirt, This Was Not

8/22/09: Harold And Kumar Are Obviously Headed To Mexico


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