The Fading Newspapers

What will happen to black ink on the fingers?

9/6/10: Teachers Grade The Students And The Paper Grades The Teachers

7/19/10: “Top Secret America” Burning Up The Tubes

7/8/10: Lemonade At Around The Sphere! 10 Cents! Today Only!

7/8/10: David, Go To Your Corner… Paul, Go To Your Corner… Matt, Go To Your Corner… Noah, Go To Your Corner

6/25/10: James Joyner Did The Joke Already: David Weigel To Be Replaced By David Petraeus

6/5/10: K. Diddy’s A Film Star And Other Improbable Tales

6/5/10: “Bring Me The Head Of Lynn Hirschberg”

5/8/10: Weigelgate… Bigotgate… Let Us All Tweet Our Name For The Gate

5/3/10: Mr. Subpoena Risen, Mr. Subpoena Risen, Gotten Subpoena Risen

4/19/10: Thomas Exchanged E-Mails With Siobhan

4/12/10: Alas, This Blog Did Not Win A Pulitzer

4/5/10: We Apologize For This Blog Post On An Apology

3/8/10: Rhama Lama Ding Dong

1/20/10: “He No Longer Reads The Post In Any Detailed Fashion”

1/17/10: Times Select 2.0

12/24/09: Hearing War Drums From The NYT Op-Ed Page

12/23/09: Making A List, Checking It Twice, Finding Out Whose Naughty And Nice

12/3/09: Troubled Times At The Times

11/17/09: Freedom! Oh Sweet Freedom!

10/27/09: Newspapers Are Not Dying, For There Will Always Be Ferrets And Ferrets Need Their Cages Lined

10/18/09: Sunday In Spencer Ackerman’s Wheelhouse

9/17/09: Shout Hallejulah C’mon Get Happy, Get Ready For The Judgement Day

9/3/09: Next You’re Going To Tell Me Dr. Dre Isn’t A Real Doctor. Both Dr. Dres.

8/3/09: How Many New York Times Editors Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

7/12/09: Money For Nothing (And Your Maureen Dowd For Free)

7/8/09: Libertarians Beat Up On Ezra Klein, Part II Or I’ll Drink Your Juice-Box

7/2/09: Eagerly Anticipating the Mother of All Blogger Ethics Panels

7/2/09: Sometimes You’re The Iceberg, Sometimes You’re The Titanic

6/19/09: Breaking: Liberal Bloggers Send Forces to WaPo Offices To Protect E.J. Dionne and Eugene Robinson

5/9/09: I Read The News Today, Oh Boy


Correspondents Dinners, controversies, etc…

3/8/11:  Wait, Wait, Don’t Film Me

3/2/11:  Oh, Beltway, Beltway, Beltway

2/3/11:  So Does It Come Out Every Day?

1/28/11:  The Murder Of Brisenia Flores

12/22/10: Forgive The Blog Post

12/6/10: Helen, Helen, Helen…

9/3/10: Let’s Go Back To Sarah Palin And Spilled Ink On A Page… What Do You See?

8/22/10: Quitting Is All The Rage These Days

8/11/10: Talkin’ Flim-Flam Lotsa Krugman Posts Blues

8/4/10: Let’s Play A Game Of MSM Musical Chairs

7/29/10: Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Douche Bag Lady Gaga

7/14/10: You Can’t Reinvent The Wheel, But You Can Reinvent The Scribe, Part II

7/5/10: These Colors Don’t Torture, They Just Waterboard

6/24/10: Honor And The Media: Steyn v. Friedersdorf

6/21/10: Jay Rosen Writes A Treatise

6/8/10: You Can’t Reinvent The Wheel, But You Can Reinvent The Scribe

6/6/10: She Was There For The Original J’Accuse

5/29/10: Float Like A Butterfly, Scented Candle Like A Bee

5/28/10: Poetry Night At The Blogosphere With Dave Weigel And Sarah Palin

4/18/10: K-Thug And The Kid

4/15/10: By Doing This Blog Post, We’re Expecting To Get Carl Kassell’s Voice On Our Home Answering Machine

3/10/10: Let Us Sit Upon The Mediagazer And Tell Sad Stories Of The Death Of Mainstream Media

2/3/10: Lookin’ Out My Backdoor

1/15/10: That’s Deep, Man

12/31/09: Hau oli Makahiki Hou, Misters Limbaugh And Obama

12/7/09: Wait, Wait, Don’t Fox Me

11/9/09: When The Old Men Talk About The Googles, We All Strain To Listen

11/2/09: Step Into The WaPo Newsroom, You’re Bound To Get Caught And From This Worldly Life, You’ll Soon Depart

10/23/09: The Media And The White House: Jay-Z versus Nas or Roxanne Shante versus The Real Roxanne

10/23/09: If There’s Nothing Contrarian About Being A Contrarian, Then There’s No Such Thing As A Contrarian

10/22/09: The Plastic Pundit Who Does Not Fidget Is The One With The Least To Say

10/19/09: Not All Your Hoaxes Involve Balloons And Boys

10/15/09: The Rush-orschach Test

10/13/09: #apostonthetrafiguracarterrucktwittersituation

9/28/09: We Stay On The Subject Of The Mainstream Media And In The WaPo Offices For Yet Another Blogger Ethics Panel

9/28/09: The South Korean Judge Gives It A 5.5

9/14/09: But Will They Still Be Snotty About Blogs? Yes. This Has Been Another Edition Of…

7/3/09: This Machine Kills New York Times Columnists

6/17/09: We Shall Solve This By Booking The Pythia On “Meet The Press”

5/20/09: Klein V. Krauthammer

5/11/09: Forgot To Bring The Funny


2/2/11: One Stop For All Your Marty Peretz News

1/10/10: You Can’t Spell “Assange” Without…

12/16/10: Status: Time’s Man Of The Year

7/30/10: What Happens If We Publish This On Our Cover

7/15/10: I Write The Speeches

5/20/10: Telling Tall Tales Out Of School

5/5/10: CW Watch: Arrows Down On Newsweek

5/5/10: I Did Not Know That Mediaite Was Glenn Beck’s Favorite Website… Thank You, National Enquirer!

2/28/10: A K-Thug And His Cat

2/9/10: Beefs Are Gettin’ Quite Nasty Up In This Blogosphere

12/16/09: He Does The Dishes, Too

12/10/09: The Ones Documenting The Fall Have Fallen

11/24/09: That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

11/17/09: The Obligatory Blog Post

9/5/09: Conde Nast Doesn’t Have A Russian Translator, Apparently

6/30/09: The Sarah Palin Rorschach Test Continues, As More Ink Is Spilled

6/13/09: Time Magazine: Thinking Of The Children For Forty Years

6/9/09: Buying The Standard

6/3/09: George Will’s Column Replaced By “Tip Of The Hat, Wag Of the Finger”

6/1/09: This Has Nothing To Do With Stereo Equipment

5/22/09: Newsweek Makes News


When the media decides something, they rarely change their mind

6/9/09: The First Hook-Up Was Adam and Eve. The First Hook-Up Story Hyped by The MSM Was 10 Minutes Later

MSM V. Blogosphere

When there’s a fight between new and old, we’ll be there.

3/18/11: Mr. Sulzberger, Tear Down This Wall

3/15/11: Reading Is Fundamental, Mr. Krugman

3/8/11: Choo Choo Canned Heat Collectivism

2/23/11: Kids Today Just Don’t Blog Like We Used To

9/1/10: Fabio Is Not On The Cover Of This Blog Post

8/17/10: Another Week, Another Ross Douthat Column

8/12/10: “The Celebration Of Lifelong Heterosexual Monogamy As A Unique And Indispensable Estate”

8/7/10: Pepsigate: The Blogging Scandal Of A New Generation

7/13/10: You’re Reading The Moulitsas/Scarborough Feud, Brewed By Starbucks

6/25/10: James Joyner Did The Joke Already: David Weigel To Be Replaced By David Petraeus

6/17/10: Exit The Great Orange Satan

6/17/10: Are You Compromised Over Hot Dogs?

6/11/10: What If Jazz Musicians, Botanists, And Sushi Chefs Wrote The News

5/22/10: The Liberal Blogosphere Vs. Matt Bai: Ezra Klein Collecting Social Security Edition

3/28/10: Crank Up The Zombie David Brinkley

3/24/10: Beat On The New York Times Columnist With A Baseball Bat

3/16/10: Liberal Bloggers Have No Sympathy For David Brooks

3/8/10: Rhama Lama Ding Dong

3/8/10: “Picking On Poor Gretchen”

2/9/10: Incoming Sex Scandal Has Left Print, Blogosphere With A Case Of Anticipation

1/17/10: Times Select 2.0

1/12/10: Why Oh Why Can’t We Have Less Blogger-On-Blogger Violence?

1/5/10: We Have Met The Village And It Is You

1/3/10: Suffer The Little Children And The Billionaire Golfers

12/23/09: Making A List, Checking It Twice, Finding Out Whose Naughty And Nice

12/17/09: Suck, Suck, Sucking On Civil War

12/16/09: One Of The Longest Running Beefs In The Blogosphere Continues…

12/14/09: Sometimes, They Just Don’t Play Nicely At The Washington Post

12/12/09: It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Correct The Washington Post

12/12/09: Taibbi V. Fernholz: Who You Callin’ A Sellout?

12/1/09: Gas Tax Follies Of The Late ’00s: Pundit Fight Edition

11/30/09: Why Jon Meacham Should Run From Liberal Bloggers In 2012

11/23/09: Chuck Todd V. James Fallows And A Number Of Twittering Backseat Drivers

11/5/09: Like It Or Not, David Brooks Remains The Columnist The Internets Blog About The Most

10/31/09: David Brooks Like His Breakfast With Grits; Liberal Bloggers Eat David Brooks For Breakfast

10/24/09: They Found The Thesis In A Silver, Jiffy Pop-Like Balloon In Colorado

10/21/09: Pitchfork Pat Faces Progressives With Pitchforks

10/9/09: Two Andrews And A Conor

9/28/09: But Did He Inhale?

9/28/09: Gerson, Klein, Ackerman: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

9/26/09: Peacocks And The Punk’d

9/26/09: Our Mr. Brooks

9/19/09: Run Like An Antelope

9/9/09: That’s Comrade Mustache Of Understanding To You

9/3/09: It Was Predictable and It Was Predictable, Part II

8/27/09: Yes, John Jay Called Alexander Hamilton A “Skank” In The Federalist Papers. This Is One Of The Things They Don’t Teach You In History Class.

8/24/09: The Takeaway Of The Story Is “He Began Shrieking ‘Glenn Greenwald Is EVIL! EVIL!'”

8/17/09: Bruce Bartlett E-Mails Some Liberal Bloggers

8/11/09: And Taft Reminds Me Of Homer Simpson, Because Of The Girth And The Four Fingers

8/5/09: We Gawk at Gawker Gawking at WaPo

7/30/09: Do We Burn The Village To Save It? Massing Versus Glenzilla

7/25/09: When I Was Twenty-Nine, It Was A Very Good Year

7/3/09: We Now Join This Meme, Already In Progress

7/1/09: Okay, Now We Have The “D*#%weed” Heard Around The Sphere

6/28/09: The “You’re Such A D*#%” Heard Around The Sphere

6/24/09: The Beltway Tries The Internet, The Internet Finds It Trying

6/19/09: Breaking: Liberal Bloggers Send Forces to WaPo Offices To Protect E.J. Dionne and Eugene Robinson

6/14/09: #TwitterverseSaysCNNEpicFail

6/3/09: Morning Norma Rae, It Is Not

5/24/09: “Busted” Busted!

5/17/09 The Blogger Ethics Panel Will Meet At 1:30 PM, Monday

4/25/09: It Was Predictable And It Was Predictable

Old Men in Fedoras

Posts about journalists whose time has come and gone.

3/9/11: The Dean Is Dead

7/23/10: The Living History Book No More: Dan Schorr 1916-1910

9/27/09: Nattering Nabobs Of Negativity

8/19/09: Another Giant Of The News Industry Dies, But This Name You May Not Be As Familiar With

8/18/09: Darkness Loses Its Prince

8/3/09: How Many New York Times Editors Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

7/17/09: And That’s The Way He Was

5/26/09: World’s Oldest Pundit Strikes Again

5/4/09: This Week With Sam And Ambien

4/25/09: It Was Predictable And It Was Predictable

4/23/09: Was I.F. Stone A Spy?

Television News

3/10/11: “Soy Un Perdedor, I’m A Loser Baby, So Why Don’t You Kill Me?”… Wait, Wrong Beck

2/16/11: Lara Logan, Nir Rosen… Nothing Funny Here

2/8/11: Dump All Your Stock In Chalkboards Now!

1/24/11: This Story You Will Be Talking About Tomorrow

1/11/11: Parker Spitzer: The Break-Up Of The Band

12/13/10: The Fox News Option

8/29/10: I Have A Dream, You Have A Dream, Glenn Beck Has A Dream

8/18/10: Liberal Bloggers Are Not Surprised… No, They Are Not

8/8/10: What’s The Frequency, Katie?

7/16/10: We’re Proud At Around The Sphere To Announce Our Acquisition Of WhatTheHellIsInThe

7/8/10: But What Did She Say About Matt Drudge?

7/6/10: Retirement, Hello!

6/26/10: Quote Of The Day: “I Have Already Canceled This CNN Show In My Mind.”

6/13/10: Kipling And Teasing The Panther

5/25/10: I Ain’t Saying They’re A Golddigger

4/22/10: And He Walked His Days Under African Skies

3/30/10: Everybody, Do The CNN Slide!

3/28/10: Crank Up The Zombie David Brinkley

3/23/10: Right On Right Violence To A Soundtrack Of Lee Greenwood

3/19/10: Ladies And Gentleman, We Have Nerd Porn Lift-Off

3/13/10: Pictured Below: MSNBC and Fox News

3/9/10: The Ballad Of Glenn And Geert

1/28/10: Kiriakou Changes His Story

1/22/10: New Front Opens On Late Night Wars: Now Taking On MSNBC

1/19/10: NBC In-Fighting Never Ends, It Only Spreads

1/13/10: Let Us Speak Of Late Night Show Hosts Not Named Leno Or O’Brien

1/12/10: Sunday, Sunday… Can’t Trust That Day

1/5/10: CSPAN’s Rockin’ Health Care Negotiations With Ryan Seacrest

11/24/09: Fox News Mistakes (D-Fla)

11/12/09: Senor Dobbs deja el CNN

11/6/09: Appendicitis To Smoochy

10/15/09: The Boy In The Bubble And The Baby With The Baboon Heart

10/13/09: Kids! Come Quick! The Sharks And The Jets Are At It Again!

10/12/09: You Say I’m Hurting America… I Say You’re Hurting America… Potato… Potahto… Tomato… Tomahto… Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

10/6/09: Heavens To Betsy

10/2/09: The Ranters, The Ravers, The Candlestick Makers

9/24/09: To Find Glenn Beck On A Spectrum, To Locate Him In A Camp

9/15/09: The Movement And One George W. Bush And One Cass Sunstein

9/10/09: Are You Going To Scarborough Fair?


9/1/09: Maria Applebum, You Gotta Put Me On

8/28/09: You Worried About Death Panels? We Have Them Now! CNN, 9 PM, 8 PM Central Time

8/14/09: Eliminating Intellectual Dishonesty From Our Punditry: We’re Gonna Need A Smaller Television Set

8/10/09: He Brings Right And Left Together And He Brings Us Lewis Black

8/2/09: Bury The Hatchet By Hacking At Your Television Set Until You Electrocute Yourself

7/29/09: The Cable News Wars Will Tear This Country Apart

7/2/09: We Thought Only Batman Could Save Us Now

6/26/09: How Do You Say “Billie Jean Is Not My Lover” In Farsi?

6/16/09: Most Americans Get Their News… You Know The Rest

6/3/09: Morning Norma Rae, It Is Not

5/26/09: World’s Oldest Pundit Strikes Again

5/4/09: This Week With Sam And Ambien


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