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8/31/10: You May Be A Gen-Xer If You Get Why This Art Accompanies This Post

6/9/10: The Day After The Primaries And We’re In The Bathroom

5/18/10: Rainy Days, Nicknames, And Arkansas Democratic Politics

4/30/10: 2010 Is Equal to Or Greater Than 1994

1/20/10: I See The Democrats And They Want To Paint It Black

1/19/10: Massachusetts On Our Mind

1/15/10: How Do You Say “Creigh Deeds” With A Boston Accent?

1/12/10: Right-Wing Bloggers Turn Their Sights To Massachusetts

1/6/10: Everything Comes In Threes

11/3/09: Seems Like Every Year, There’s Some Indigestion, I Mean, Indecision

The Party In General

6/7/10: Put The Pitchfork Away And Put The Torch In The Bathtub

10/25/09: This Is Why New York Is A Blue State

Joe Biden

The Veep.

3/23/10: And We End This Episode In Our Nation’s History With Some Casual Cursing

3/10/10: When The Biden Comes To Town…

1/4/10: Picture Book, Of People With Each Other

9/21/09: He Took The Amtrak In From Kenya

7/27/09: Come On, Come On, Listen To The Biden Talk

7/6/09: Joe Biden, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iran

5/18/09: We’ve Got Your Gaffes Right Here, Part #3

4/30/09: We’ve Got Your Gaffes Right Here, Part #1

Bill Clinton

5/28/10: The 90s, Like The 60s, Will Never Die

1/10/10: The Book Is Open

9/22/09: Thirty-Two Short Films About Two Ex-Presidents

8/4/09: Bill’s Excellent Adventure

5/28/09: Bubba And The Bubble

Al Franken

6/30/09: Another Supreme Court Ruling (Update: The Long Minnesota Saga Finally Ends)

6/18/09: The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

6/2/09: When This Began, We Were Young, Beautiful And The Year Was 1882

Barack Obama

The 44th of President of the United States

3/16/11: An Invitation From Their Cold, Dead Hands

3/9/11: And The Verdict Is… Open!

3/7/11: Superfly, No Fly, The Fly, Fly Girls, Fly The Friendly Skies

3/3/11: Subterranean Agenda Blues

2/15/11: Who Is Happy With This Budget? No One? Bueller? Bueller?

2/14/11: The End Of Mubarak And The End Of Fannie and Freddie?

1/26/11: The Smoked Salmon At Iwo Jima

1/21/11: Will He Bring Good Things To Life?

1/19/11: They Write Op-Eds, Too, Part III

1/13/11: Tucson II

1/3/11: The Issaman Cometh

12/29/10: I, For One, Welcome Our Last 2010 Obama Scandal

12/7/10: “Wait Until That Deal Come Round”

11/30/10: Baby, It’s Freezing Outside

9/7/10: Find Me A Rug That Misattributed Walter Sobchak And I’ll Be Upset

9/1/10: The End? Part II: Speech, Speech, Speech!

8/22/10: Not A Muslim… Wash, Rinse, Repeat… Not A Muslim… Wash, Rinse, Repeat

8/15/10: What Was Said At A Ramadan Celebration

8/10/10: Bloggers Debate Obama’s G.P.A. (And Before That Big Midterm Exam, Too)

8/2/10: Not Only Are The 1980s Over, Apparently The 2000s Ended Today As Well

7/29/10: “You Know, If I’d Wanted Dick Cheney As President I Would Have Just Voted For Him.”

7/27/10: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Morphs Into Barry! Barry! Barry!

7/15/10: I Write The Speeches

7/13/10: How Low Will He Go? How Low Will He Go?

7/8/10: On A Magic Carpet Ride

7/7/10: And Donald Berwick Goes Down The Slides

7/6/10: Let’s Return To The Burning Issue Of, Oh, One Month Ago, Part II

7/6/10: We Talked, We Laughed, We Quoted A Bit Of Mark Twain…

7/1/10: Jell-O Shots, Tea, And An Obama Speech

6/28/10: Liberal Angst Has Paid Off Well, Now We’re Bored And Old

6/27/10: This Hair Has Filed A Motion For A Separate Trial

6/23/10: Like A Rolling Stone, Part II

6/22/10: Like A Rolling Stone

6/16/10: So Did He Go Big? Or Did He Go Home?

6/12/10: BP: British Petroleum, Beyond Petroleum, British Pissed

6/11/10: Let Us Learn What The Weekly Standard Has Learned

6/11/10: Waste Not, Want Not

6/9/10: Don’t Come Crying To Me, Mr. President, When A Probe Comes And Sucks Up Our Oceans

6/8/10: And You’ll See His Birth Certificate In The “Dre Day” Video

6/8/10: You Can’t Reinvent The Wheel, But You Can Reinvent The Scribe

6/3/10: Perhaps This Is Their Job Creation Plan

6/1/10: The Lack Of Preparation And Focus On The Imminent Zombie Problem Is Disturbing

5/31/10: Arguments Commence Over The Best Way To Remember, Over The BBQ Grill

5/28/10: The 90s, Like The 60s, Will Never Die

5/26/10: Their Name Is Mud

5/25/10: All Our Senate Candidates Bring Us Scandal

5/21/10: Don’t Drink The Water Part II: Don’t Breathe The Air And Don’t Film The Beach

5/19/10: Bagram Blues

5/5/10: I Did Not Know That Mediaite Was Glenn Beck’s Favorite Website… Thank You, National Enquirer!

5/4/10: It’s The Little Old Lady (From Teabagadena)

5/3/10: Mr. Subpoena Risen, Mr. Subpoena Risen, Gotten Subpoena Risen

5/2/10: This Is What Happens When He Goes Off The Teleprompter

4/28/10: The Actuary Speaks…

4/20/10: Spengler v. Podhoretz: Mama Edition

4/19/10: The Gates Of Memorandum

4/14/10: What A Load Of Scud

4/13/10: Barack: Democratic Improvings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

4/6/10: The Right On The Right To Bear Arms. Really, Really Big And Powerful Arms.

4/6/10: The Green Depends On Whether You’re Red Or Blue, Part II

4/5/10: The Doctor Is In, But Maybe Not For You

3/31/10: So We’re Drilling This Baby, Then?

3/31/10: “Why Is This Night Different From All Other Nights?”

3/29/10: Playing Kickball And Swinging On The Swings

3/24/10: Will You Be My Friend? Circle Y For Yes, Circle N For No

3/22/10: In The End, It All Came Down To The Abba

3/18/10: Wave That Flag, Wave It Wide And High

3/11/10: It Makes The Children Very Sad And Nervous When The Two Branches Of Government Fight With Each Other

3/11/10: Is The Fish The Story Or Does Something Smell Fishy?

3/5/10: “When My Situation Ain’t Improvin, I’m Tryin To Murder Everything Movin, Feel Me?!”

3/4/10: I’ll Make Your Brother An Offer He Can’t Refuse

3/1/10: This Bud’s For Barry

2/27/10: Looking For Harry Hopkins In All The Wrong Places

2/22/10: And Now For Something New: This Really Is Obamacare

2/10/10: I Chait Up All The Hennessey Ya Got On Ya Shelf

2/10/10: Petting The Fat Cats

2/7/10: “Did You Know That Dave Weigel From The Washington Independent Was-“

2/1/10: Document The Document

1/31/10: Mr. President, I Served With Mr. Spock, I Knew Mr. Spock, Mr. Spock Was A Friend Of Mine. Mr. President, You’re No Mr. Spock

1/29/10: Would The Right Honourable Gentleman…

1/27/10: My First SOTU™

1/26/10: I’m Goin’ Where Those Chilly Winds Blow, Oh Baby

1/25/10: You Know That We Are Living In A Polarized World, And He Is A Polarized President

1/24/10: I’m Beginning To See The Light

1/20/10: Convene The Commission!

1/15/10: Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

1/10/10: The Book Is Open

1/4/10: They Look Just Like Good Old Harry And Ike

1/4/10: Picture Book, Of People With Each Other

1/2/10: Get Yr Homeland Security Briefing On

12/31/09: Hau oli Makahiki Hou, Misters Limbaugh And Obama

12/27/09: This Hole Is Either Par Four Or Par Eight

12/23/09: If You Go Putting Up Ornaments Of Chairman Mao

12/23/09: Gitmo G-Fun In G-Minor

12/16/09: You Made Me Promises Promises

12/15/09: Banksta, Banksta

12/12/09: Taibbi V. Fernholz: Who You Callin’ A Sellout?

12/10/09: Much Longer Than Joe Pesci’s 1990 Oscar Acceptance Speech

12/3/09: The Translucent Summit

12/2/09: On The Day After…

12/1/09: Mr. Cheney V. President Obama, Round #535

11/30/09: On The Day Before…

11/27/09: Well, This Would Be A Good Party To Crash

11/21/09: Will Having Psalm 109 In This Blog Title Get Us Google Hits? Is It Worth It?

11/18/09: Will The Losing Party Ever Believe In An Election Result Again?

11/17/09: No Jobs, Wasting Away, In Margaritaville

11/16/09: The Fat Man And The Little Boy Never Die

11/14/09: Bow Wow Wow

11/13/09: The Real Trial Of The Century

11/10/09: What Happens On YouTube Does Not Stay On YouTube

10/31/09: David Brooks Like His Breakfast With Grits; Liberal Bloggers Eat David Brooks For Breakfast

10/29/09: The President Went To Dover

10/26/09: Here Doesn’t Come De Judge

10/25/09: Don’t Follow Leaders, Watch The Parkin’ Meters

10/24/09: They Found The Thesis In A Silver, Jiffy Pop-Like Balloon In Colorado

10/23/09: The Media And The White House: Jay-Z versus Nas or Roxanne Shante versus The Real Roxanne

10/22/09: Mr. Cheney Has Words For Mr. Obama

10/12/09: I’m Surprised They Didn’t Just Go All In And Bring Up Cheetohs And Basements

10/11/09: Speeches Were Given, Tomatoes Were Thrown

10/9/09: Baby, What A Big Surprise

10/7/09: Looks Like A Radiohead Album Cover

10/7/09: You Don’t Need A Weatherman To Write Your Memoirs…

10/5/09: The Sound, The Fury, The President, And The General

10/2/09: Well, It Is Nowhere Near As Embarrassing As Tonya Harding

9/30/09: The General Flipped At Dawn

9/28/09: The South Korean Judge Gives It A 5.5

9/24/09: We Don’t Have Pictures Handy, But We’re Going To Assume None Of These Bloggers Look Like Brad Pitt

9/24/09: Frère Barack, Frère Barack, Dormez vous? Dormez vous?

9/23/09: Executive Privilege Beyond The M & M’s On Air Force One

9/21/09: Paging Orson Welles…

9/20/09: Tune In, Replace Eliot Spitzer As Governor Of New York, Drop Out

9/19/09: Run Like An Antelope

9/16/09: So He’s A Secret Muslim Socialist Hitler Anti-Christ? That’ll Be Difficult To Get Monogrammed On Towels

9/9/09: A Health Care Posts With A Bunch Of Pretty Pictures Of Presidents Preaching To Politicians Past (Say That Three Times Fast)

9/7/09: Just Call Him Barack Romanov

9/2/09: Barack And The Wee Ones

8/31/09: The Year Of The Tiger May Bring Elephants To The District

8/25/09: Barack’s Book Club, Where We “Washington Read” Tom Friedman And The Koran

8/24/09: September 11 Falls On A Friday This Year

8/23/09: Dedicated Followers Of Fashion

8/21/09: The Dog Days Of August Are Dogging President Obama

8/17/09: Bruce Bartlett E-Mails Some Liberal Bloggers

8/12/09: The Title Of This Blog Post Will Make No Reference To Any “Senior Moments,” As That Joke Is Beneath Us

8/11/09: And Taft Reminds Me Of Homer Simpson, Because Of The Girth And The Four Fingers

8/7/09: You Can’t Wrap A Fish In An E-Mail

8/4/09: Coo, Coo, Ca-Choo, Mrs. Robinson

8/4/09: Which President Would Be Cesar Romero’s Joker? Nixon, Obviously.

8/3/09: Maybe China And Russia Will Go Along With It If We Give Them A Pony

7/31/09: They Want To Believe, Like Fox Mulder Without The Aliens And The Dana Scully

7/30/09: It’s The Potsdam Of Our Times And The Pabst Blue Ribbon Of Our Post-Racial America

7/30/09: Why Don’t Any Of These Sixties Revivals Include A Beatles Reunion? Oh. Yeah.

7/28/09: Lots Of Talk About Op-Eds About Talking

7/21/09: Obama’s Birth Certificate Was On The Grassy Knoll, Where It Show Vince Foster And Brought Down The World Trade Center, The End

7/20/09: We Spin Health Care Right Round, Baby, Right Round Like A Record, Baby, Right Round Round Round

7/15/09: Reflecting On Serious Self-Reflection

7/14/09: President Obama’s Teleprompter: 2007-2009

7/13/09: History Shows Us There Are Worse Ways For A Czar To Leave

7/11/09: Sexy Times With Our Pundits and Political Figures Has Never Been So Bizarre

7/10/09: The Green Depends On Whether You’re Red Or Blue

7/7/09: From Russia, Without Nukes

7/1/09: Throw The Inspector From The Train

6/30/09: Right And Left Fight Over Barack Obama. Meanwhile, Sky Is Blue And Ice-Cream Is Yummy.

6/27/09: A Tale Of The E-mails

6/24/09: Reihan Salam And A Million Posts By Daniel Larison

6/24/09: The Public Option, My Friend, Is Blowing In The Wind

6/23/09: They Won’t Be Bringing The Kielbasa

6/18/09: From Hope To St. Hope

6/17/09: Kagan Comments On Obama, Blogosphere Comments on Kagan, Chait and Podhoretz Have A Tussle. That Is All.

6/14/09: General Jones And Me

6/9/09: We All Flunked The Equivalency Test And Have To Go To Training

6/4/09: “Yes We Can” in Hieroglyphics

6/3/09: Your Roots Are Showing

5/31/09: Puttin’ On My Top Hat, Tyin’ Up My White Ties, Brushin’ Off My Tails

5/28/09: And The Crowd Will Shout For “Ripple”

5/21/09: Liberal And Conservative Bloggers Head To Their Tree Forts, Arm The Pea Shooters And Fire

5/17/09: Speech and Consequences

5/16/09: Huntsman Gets A New Job

5/8/09: Obama In A Mustard Jar

5/1/09: Fight! Fight! Fight!

4/30/09: They Did/Did Not Torture: The Guardian Article Debate

4/29/09: The Phrase of the Day is “Minaret-Shaped Candies”

Edward Kennedy

1/10/10: The Book Is Open

8/29/09: Goldwater, Kennedy, Church, Fulbright, Dirksen, Proxmire Vs. McCain, Kerry, Crapo, Lincoln, Durbin, Feingold

8/27/09: Four Politicians And A Funeral

8/26/09: The Last Brother (Edward Kennedy 1932-2009)

Progressives And Liberals

2/9/11: “The ‘Tribe-Moral Community’ United By ‘Sacred Values'”

2/8/11: Where Will Harold Ford Go Now?

1/20/11: Everybody Do The Hippie Punch!

12/15/10: But Then How Will I Know If It’s Chicken Noodle Or Cream Of Mushroom?

8/16/10: Well, It’s Not Anatomically Possible To Do That To Tea

8/11/10: That’s Some Professional Hippie Punching, Mr. Gibbs

7/20/10: Journolist Strikes Again!

6/28/10: Liberal Angst Has Paid Off Well, Now We’re Bored And Old

6/8/10: I Kan Haf Progressive Economics?

4/15/10: By Doing This Blog Post, We’re Expecting To Get Carl Kassell’s Voice On Our Home Answering Machine

3/2/10: We’re Still Waiting For The Jim Beam And Coke Party

2/6/10: Debating The C-Word

12/22/09: But Don’t Look Back In Anger, I Heard You Say

8/9/09: Progressives [pro-greh-sives] (noun): A Group That Seems A Lot Like Liberals

Scandals and Scoundrels

7/23/10: Jackson Pollack And Groucho Marx Comparisons Abound, Part II

6/28/10: We’ve Got Your Gaffes Right Here, Part #4

6/27/10: This Hair Has Filed A Motion For A Separate Trial

6/25/10: This Macaca Moment, So Different And So New

6/14/10: When Congresscritters Attack…

5/28/10: The 90s, Like The 60s, Will Never Die

5/25/10: All Our Senate Candidates Bring Us Scandal

4/5/10: Rage Against The Machine

3/25/10: Mr. Dingell And Mr. Freud

3/24/10: “We Didn’t Want To Advertise What We Were Doing Because We Didn’t Want A Bunch Of People Calling.”

3/20/10: You Want A Hoax? We’ll Show You A Hoax

3/9/10: The Mess That Is Massa

3/3/10: Jackson Pollack And Groucho Marx Comparisons Abound

2/26/10: New York’s Luck With Governors Continues

2/9/10: Incoming Sex Scandal Has Left Print, Blogosphere With A Case Of Anticipation

1/30/10: Fly The Friendly Skies With Nancy

1/21/10: Confessions Of An Ex-Candidate

1/10/10: The Book Is Open

1/8/10: Five Out Of Five Bloggers Recommend Disclosure

1/7/10: Meep, Meep, Mr. Geithner

12/29/09: Dammit, Janet

12/21/09: The World’s Greatest Deliberative Body Strikes Again!

12/9/09: The Return Of Mark Penn (You Knew It Would Happen Someday)

12/5/09: Mad Max Beyond US Attorneys: The Girlfriend Edition

12/4/09: Beyond Birds, Beyond Bees

11/12/09: Forget A Little Health Care And You Land In Jail

10/30/09: Those Tubes Leak Out The Darndest Things

9/19/09: Before These Crowded Democratic Primaries


9/4/09: We Got Truthers In High Places, Where The Whiskey Drowns And The Beer Chases

8/27/09: The Beard Was A Scandal In And Of Itself

8/26/09: A Backwards Backwards B Situation

8/19/09: We Doin’ Big PhRMA, We Spreadin’ Cheese, Big PhRMA, On AKPD

8/14/09: The Democrats Get The Size And Feel Of The Bullet They Dodged

8/5/09: All Your Base Are Belong To Us

7/21/09: The Smell Of Bacon Overwhelms The Senses

5/27/09: Something New To Carve Into The Monument

5/14/09: Nancy Does Not Have A Laughing Face

5/11/09: The Doomsday Machine

5/8/09: Nancy In A Pickle


Former donkeys turned elephants.

12/22/09: Parker Griffith Can’t Lose

Welcome, Turncoats

Former elephants turned donkeys.

4/28/09: Arlen Makes Some New Friends


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