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9/8/10: And These Castles Made Of RINOs

8/31/10: You May Be A Gen-Xer If You Get Why This Art Accompanies This Post

8/25/10: Another Primary Night: Hot State, Hot State, Cold State

6/9/10: The Day After The Primaries And We’re In The Bathroom

5/23/10: Djoumania On A Warm Sunday In May

5/18/10: Rainy Days, Nicknames, And Arkansas Democratic Politics

4/30/10: 2010 Is Equal to Or Greater Than 1994

2/4/10: #teamdemonsheep

1/20/10: I See The Democrats And They Want To Paint It Black

1/19/10: Massachusetts On Our Mind

1/15/10: How Do You Say “Creigh Deeds” With A Boston Accent?

1/12/10: Right-Wing Bloggers Turn Their Sights To Massachusetts

11/3/09: Seems Like Every Year, There’s Some Indigestion, I Mean, Indecision

Michelle Bachmann

6/26/09: Bachmann Census Overdrive

4/30/09: We’ve Got Your Gaffes Right Here, Part #2

George W. Bush

1/27/11: Open The Hatch!

12/9/10: AIDS In Africa, George W. Bush And Lady Gaga… But Not So Much Lady Gaga

5/3/10: Mr. Subpoena Risen, Mr. Subpoena Risen, Gotten Subpoena Risen

4/13/10: The Times Of London Finds A Document

2/10/10: I Chait Up All The Hennessey Ya Got On Ya Shelf

2/4/10: Georgia On My Mind

1/4/10: They Look Just Like Good Old Harry And Ike

9/22/09: Thirty-Two Short Films About Two Ex-Presidents

9/15/09: The Movement And One George W. Bush And One Cass Sunstein

8/17/09: Bruce Bartlett E-Mails Some Liberal Bloggers

8/13/09: We See The “Tell” Part, But Are Uncomfortable With The Mental Image Of “Kiss”

7/27/09: We Will Be Greeted As Liberators And Showered With Hot Wings

7/23/09: A Stroll Down The Memory Bush

Dick Cheney

4/13/10: The Times Of London Finds A Document

12/1/09: Mr. Cheney V. President Obama, Round #535

11/30/09: Why Jon Meacham Should Run From Liberal Bloggers In 2012

10/22/09: Mr. Cheney Has Words For Mr. Obama

8/29/09: There Will Be A Test After This Terrorist Tutorial

8/13/09: We See The “Tell” Part, But Are Uncomfortable With The Mental Image Of “Kiss”

7/27/09: We Will Be Greeted As Liberators And Showered With Hot Wings

7/23/09: A Stroll Down The Memory Bush

7/14/09: The Hits Just Keep On Coming

5/21/09: Liberal And Conservative Bloggers Head To Their Tree Forts, Arm The Pea Shooters And Fire

Norm Coleman

6/30/09: Another Supreme Court Ruling (Update: The Long Minnesota Saga Finally Ends)

6/18/09: The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

6/2/09: When This Began, We Were Young, Beautiful And The Year Was 1882

Tea Party

3/21/11: F Is For Fake, Is For Fraud

3/8/11:  Wait, Wait, Don’t Film Me

3/3/11: Subterranean Agenda Blues

1/5/11: $100 Billion Here And $100 Billion There, Here A $100 Billion, There A $100 Billion, Everywhere A $100 Billion

8/29/10: I Have A Dream, You Have A Dream, Glenn Beck Has A Dream

8/16/10: Well, It’s Not Anatomically Possible To Do That To Tea

7/13/10: Next Up: Condemning The Racism In Jim Newell’s Fictional Intramural Kickball League

7/5/10: So Your Choice Is Earl Grey Or Oolong…

5/4/10: It’s The Little Old Lady (From Teabagadena)

4/26/10: Paging Al Jolson…

4/23/10: The Gecko And The Caveman Are Both Registered Independents

4/12/10: Two Sugars And Some Infiltrators In Your Tea

4/5/10: Rage Against The Machine

3/24/10: Is The Tea Turning Explosive?

3/21/10: H.R. 4872

2/12/10: Captain America Has A Cup Of Tea

2/7/10: “Did You Know That Dave Weigel From The Washington Independent Was-“

2/7/10: Put Your Hand In The Hand

1/19/10: “We’re All Mad Here:” Tea Parties, Scott Brown, The GOP, And Some Tom Petty

12/17/09: The Word Of The Day Is “Ressentiment”

12/7/09: Add Cream, Add Sugar, Get A Political Party

9/13/09: How Much Tea Is In The Potomac Right Now?

8/4/09: Grazin’ In The Grass Is A Gas, Baby, Can You Dig It?

First Principles

What does the GOP stand for? Posts on any one of the famous three legs.

2/2/11: It’s A Koch Fight!

12/29/10: Galt Has A Moment And A Movement

12/15/10: But Then How Will I Know If It’s Chicken Noodle Or Cream Of Mushroom?

9/7/10: And Another One Bites The Dust

9/2/10: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

8/26/10: Liberaltarians Are So 2006

8/9/10: “I’m Crazy For Trying And Crazy For Crying…”

5/13/10: The Back Of The Napkin That Does Everything You Need It To

4/25/10: Pearl Harbor, Pom-Poms, And Popcorn

4/13/10: Close Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow

2/23/10: There’s A Straw Man Waiting In The Sky, He’d Like To Come And Meet Us, But He Thinks He’d Blow Our Minds

2/5/10: Rothbard, Dogma And Conservative/Libertarian Camps

1/19/10: “We’re All Mad Here:” Tea Parties, Scott Brown, The GOP, And Some Tom Petty

12/29/09: Robert George And The New/Old Natural Law

12/17/09: The Word Of The Day Is “Ressentiment”

12/5/09: Are There Doves Sitting On The Elephant’s Shoulder?

10/24/09: The Young And The Dissident: Meditations On The Reformers From Some Ordinary Gentlemen

9/30/09: Where My Neocons At? Where My Neocons At?

9/24/09: To Find Glenn Beck On A Spectrum, To Locate Him In A Camp

9/18/09: The Godfather Of Neoconservatism (And Father Of Bill) 1920-2009

9/15/09: The Movement And One George W. Bush And One Cass Sunstein

9/8/09: How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us

8/30/09: The First Rule Of The Conservative Movement Is That Everyone Gets Read Out Of The Conservative Movement, Eventually

7/31/09: This Is All Very Heavy, Man

7/9/09: I’ll Take A Rothbardian Anarchism, In A Waffle Cone, With Sprinkles

6/19/09: It Has That Nixon/Kennedy Smell To It

6/3/09: Liberaltarianpalooza!

5/12/09: What Would A Corporation Under “Joy Induced Stupor” Look Like?

Jack Kemp

Football player and politician.

5/3/09: Blogosphere Pays Tribute To Jack Kemp

Mel Martinez

8/7/09: You Were One Of A Hundred, Mel

Sarah Palin

3/17/11: Numbers For The “Sage Of Wasilla”

2/22/11: Another Reason, Another Season, Another Palin Post

1/25/11: In The Future, All Our Politicians Will Have Battle Hymns

1/12/11: You Blog About Politics, You Blog About Sarah Plain: This Is Fact Now

12/10/10: Sorkin V. Palin: Carving Up The Caribou

8/22/10: Quitting Is All The Rage These Days

8/12/10: When A Town Called Homer Contains A Sign With The Words “Worst Governor Ever” On It, You Know The Simpsons Have Conquered The World

8/8/10: What’s The Frequency, Katie?

7/21/10: Shall I Refudiate Thee To A Summer’s Day?

7/19/10: Today We Are All Anonymous Numbskulls

7/14/10: “Palin” Is Grizzlie For “Mondale”

5/28/10: Poetry Night At The Blogosphere With Dave Weigel And Sarah Palin

4/30/10: She Works Hard For The Money, So Hard For The Money

2/7/10: Put Your Hand In The Hand

1/10/10: The Book Is Open

1/7/10: Discussing Sarah Palin Some More: 2010 Edition

11/18/09: The Daily Dish Goes Rogue In Search of Going Rogue

11/17/09: The Obligatory Blog Post

11/11/09: Liz Lemon In ’12!

10/17/09: 2012 Ain’t Nothing But A Number

9/29/09: Go Rogue On November 17th At A Borders Near You

9/9/09: A Health Care Posts With A Bunch Of Pretty Pictures Of Presidents Preaching To Politicians Past (Say That Three Times Fast)

9/2/09: Levi Johnston’s 115th Dream

8/1/09: Is It Irresponsible To Speculate? it Would Be Irresponsible Not To.

7/28/09: Sarah Palin May Have Fought The Media, But She Never Fought The Klingons, Did She?

7/27/09: So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Good Night

7/22/09: If A Shoe Drops In The Woods, Does It Make A Sound?

7/10/09: Peggy Really Doesn’t Like Sarah. Matthew Really Does Like Sarah. And After This Is Over, We’re Going Out To Get A Malted.

7/6/09: Elites Can Talk About Class, Gender, Meritocracy and Elitism, But Can They Tap Dance?

7/4/09: We Continue With “A Governor Is Resigning (No, Not That One)”

7/3/09: A Governor Is Resigning (No, Not That One)

6/30/09: The Sarah Palin Rorschach Test Continues, As More Ink Is Spilled

6/11/09: From The Home Office In The Interwebs…

Rebuilding The Big Tent

Where do the Republicans go from here? Let’s see what the blogosphere says.

2/11/11: Live, From CPAC, It’s Friday Afternoon

8/18/10: Liberal Bloggers Are Not Surprised… No, They Are Not

7/25/10: The Melon In The Travel Office Next To The Christmas Card List

7/22/10: How Much Lesbian Bondage Will Seven Million Dollars Buy?

5/26/10: “If It Swims In The Water, It is A FISH” And Other Delicacies Of The Internet

5/6/10: Heading Back To The Party Of Lincoln

4/28/10: “Remember, Remember The Fifth Of November”

3/26/10: American Enterprise Institute: Now With 100% Less Frum

2/24/10: The Yoots Do Not Give Two Hoots About The GOP, Part II

2/23/10: Paging The Lesbians At Smith College

2/3/10: Let’s Get Cynical, Cynical, I Wanna Get Cynical, Let’s Get Into Cynical

2/2/10: The Kossacks Ask Some GOPers Some Questions

1/10/10: If You Don’t Get Your Capital Gains Tax Cut Delivered To Your Door Within An Hour, It’s Free

12/15/09: John Cole Broke The GOP! Website, That Is

11/27/09: All You Want To Do Is Wonk, Wonk, Wonk

10/26/09: The Tilt-A-Whirl Whirls Towards The Right

10/20/09: Dede Dials 911

10/19/09: Scozzafava V. Owens V. Hoffman V. GOP Establishment V. Blogosphere

10/17/09: 2012 Ain’t Nothing But A Number

10/13/09: What Up? Not Much, And You?

10/2/09: The Ranters, The Ravers, The Candlestick Makers

9/19/09: Run Like An Antelope

9/10/09: “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Now Taping Somewhere In Kansas

9/1/09: Jon Henke Has A William F. Buckley Moment

8/31/09: The Year Of The Tiger May Bring Elephants To The District

8/29/09: Goldwater, Kennedy, Church, Fulbright, Dirksen, Proxmire Vs. McCain, Kerry, Crapo, Lincoln, Durbin, Feingold

8/27/09: Four Politicians And A Funeral

8/9/09: In This Corner, Scrappy Kid From Chi-Town, Barry Obama! And In The Other Corner, The Elephant From “Real America,” The Republican Party! Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

7/31/09: They Want To Believe, Like Fox Mulder Without The Aliens And The Dana Scully

7/24/09: You’re A Party Animal, My Friend

7/21/09: Obama’s Birth Certificate Was On The Grassy Knoll, Where It Show Vince Foster And Brought Down The World Trade Center, The End

7/7/09: You Put Your Right Foot In, You Put Your Right Foot Out, You Put Your Right Foot In…

6/19/09: Braaaains…Braaaains…Braaains….

6/10/09: How Much Tweets Can The GOP Tweet If The GOP Can Tweet Tweet

6/9/09: Conservative and Republican Pundits, Thinkers and Operatives Writing Books on How To Save The GOP: Put Down Your Pens!

6/1/09: ¿Política Hecha a la Derecha?

5/30/09: Dropping Dimes With Edmund Burke

5/27/09: Center For Heritage Cato Enterprise Century Institute Foundation

5/25/09: Nancy Pelosi’s Flying Circus

5/19/09: The Yoots Do Not Give Two Hoots About The GOP

5/13/09: What Is The Sound of 10,000 Liberal Bloggers Laughing?

5/5/09: Two Juice Boxes And A John Wayne Movie

5/2/09: But Will Helen Lovejoy Be Joining The Group?

Scandals and Scoundrels

2/25/11: Laughter Is Sometimes Not The Best Medicine

2/10/11: We Just Broke The Land Speed Record For Sex Scandals

6/2/10: Not Only That, But Remember When He Stole The Enterprise And Took It To The Genesis Planet?

4/21/10: The IRS Getting Involved In The Florida Senate Race? Priceless.

4/5/10: Rage Against The Machine

3/29/10: The Lead Is Buried, But Tucker Carlson Still Wins The Internets Today

3/4/10: And Scooby Doo, If You Come Through, You’re Going To Have Yourself A Scooby Snack!

2/5/10: Left And Right Seem To Agree, And On More Than Just Demon Sheep

1/10/10: The Book Is Open

1/9/10: The Adventures Of The GOP On The Wheels Of Steele

12/30/09: Do The Nominees Get To Hear Muzak When Senators Place Them On Hold?

12/21/09: The World’s Greatest Deliberative Body Strikes Again!

9/10/09: Men Named “Joe Wilson” Are Always Trouble For Presidents

9/9/09: Politicians And Supreme Court Justices Caught On Tape!

9/5/09: We’ve Been Talking Indoctrination All Week

9/3/09: Joe Biden At Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings Past: Improvisational Jazz

8/20/09: Orange Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair

8/12/09: Cast Your Mind Back To 2007… Believe It Or Not, It Was The Year Of Rumi

8/5/09: All Your Base Are Belong To Us

7/17/09: You Pay Your Money And You FedEx Your Chances

6/24/09: Don’t Cry For Me, South Carolina

6/18/09: There Was A Tweet, Then There Were Tweets, Then There Was A Meme…

6/17/09: The Ensign Affair


Former elephants turned donkeys (or nothing).

4/29/10: You’re An Independent Candidate, Charlie Crist

4/28/09: Arlen Makes Some New Friends

Welcome, Turncoats

Former donkeys turned elephants.

12/22/09: Parker Griffith Can’t Lose


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