The Tubes

Other sites gives you links on the side of the page. That’s not how we roll. This is just a small collection of the blogs out there. Certainly, not every blog we link to, even on a regular basis. In fact, some of these blogs we never link to. But if you’re just getting started on the internet, if you’re still trying to put a UBS cord into a dump truck, here’s a small taste of the sphere. If any blogger or commenter has better videos or pictures, feel free to put it in the comments. I don’t want to insult anyone… remember, we try and play it straight here.

They’ve Been Here Longer Than You

Michelle Malkin

Andrew Sullivan (aka Sully)


Matt Yglesias (aka Matt Y., because I am too lazy to learn how to spell his last name)

The Corner (National Review)

Talking Points Memo

The Netroots



Hullabaloo (Digby, Dday)

Daily Kos

Glenn Greenwald


The Conservative Blogosphere

Hot Air (Ed Morrissey, Allah Pundit, etc..)



Powerline (John Hindraker, Scott Johnson, Paul Mirengoff)

Little Green Footballs


The Ones That Post Pictures Of Their Animals (With Animals Pictured)

Kevin Drum (Friday Cat Blogging)


Tbogg (Thursday Night Basset Blogging)


Balloon Juice (no set time for animal posts)


The Whitman’s Sampler (Libertarians, Unorthodox Conservatives, Etc…)

Megan McArdle


Tyler Cowen

Daniel Larison

Rod Dreher


The American Scene

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